Universal Go Club


Lots of players, lots of games… lots of fun :blush:




No more massive?


This doesn’t look too bad to me:

It can be difficult to run successful tournaments. Please don’t discourage or disparage someone who is willing to try.


O sometimes virtual communication gets wrongly understood. I’m not criticizing his willingness ofc. Trying to understand the choices.


I understood “no more massive?” to be noting that “massive” wasn’t in the description anymore, and wondering why it wasn’t.

As violaine noted, communication can easily be wrongly understood, which is why it’s often a idea to use a few more words to make sure it’s clear what is meant :wink: Otherwise friendly interaction can be mistaken for irritating needling :sob:


Well was all friendly. Massive did look to be the main incentive before so I was wondering what is up now? No offense intended.


Perhaps a misunderstanding takes place here. This may be because my English is not native to me and is not very good. I apologize and now I will try to explain the UGC’s tournament policy. Hope this ends the misunderstanding.

The purpose of the UGC is to provide a reasonable number of various tournaments for the OGS players so that they have the opportunity to participate in the tournament that is most suitable for them. Therefore, the UGC has a tournament schedule. Some of the tournaments of the UGC are monthly, others are held once in two months, and still others - once a quarter. There are tournaments that are held once a year. Our tournaments are held on the playing fields of all three generally accepted sizes, according to different systems. The tournament system for DDK players also exists.

Tournaments that do not gain the minimum number of participants before the start date will always be deleted.

Wall of Glory exists in the UGC. In order to take a place on the Wall of Glory, you need to take one of the three first places in a special tournament. Special tournaments are always available exclusively to UGC members.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Thank you for your attention!



Welcome to the first UGC tournament of 2019!