Username displaying oddly, unable to change

My username is displaying as 111 on the forums and I’m not sure if there is a way for me to fix it. Any advice?

Edit: If it makes any difference my OGS username contains only Chinese characters ( 布川内酷 ). If that is what’s causing the problem maybe someone can help me change my username?

Yes, that’s what causes the trouble. I think recently discourse published an option to enable unicode in usernames (, but not sure if @anoek plans to enable those I guess it might come with other issues or some plugin conflicts.

We cannot really change your username as it is linked with your OGS nickname. If you so wished you can change your username on OGS game site (or have a moderator do it) and then logging off and in again here should update it.

But not sure it is worth the hassle… And sorry about the trouble.


I was unaware of the new feature in discourse to allow that, that’s great. It’s been enabled - try again @RubyMineshaft ? You will probably need to log out and log back in.


RubyMineshaft is his new username, I changed it by request ealier today. His old username was Japanese Kanji characters:


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Awesome that you were able to go ahead and enable the feature. Should save someone a headache in the future. I had my username changed, so all good on my end! :smiley:

@BHydden Technicality, but it was Chinese. It’s a pun and the meaning would be lost on a Japanese reader. :wink:

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Google translate lied to me! :joy:


Now I want to know. Google Translate says “Cool inside the Chuanchuan” when I tell it that it’s Chinese.


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The characters themselves looks like they could be a Japanese name but have no real meaning, but when you pronounce it in Chinese it sounds exactly the same as 不穿内裤 ( Bù chuān nèikù ) or to go commando. :sweat_smile:

Seems more interesting in Chinese. Guess it loses a bit in translation.

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Completely accurate. :rofl: