Werewolf S06: An Emperor in Atari

F… It’s basically over now. It’s all over.
He begins to cry.

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Søtsten left in a hurry; he had a meeting with an old Varangian acquaintance, and news from the West weren’t looking good.
That jester of an empire would probably drop a ball any day now.

Night Shift 5 has ended. Nobody received the majority of votes, so there was no execution.

Prisoners are not allowed to communicate in this thread until the next Night Shift begins.


Leiros went up to the office. He saw no note on the table and smirked in satisfaction. He’d been hearing gossip of the prisoners being in disarray.

“They couldn’t even make a decision today. This is perfect. Maybe I doubted those conniving traitors too soon.”

He walked downstairs, whistling. Søtsten had left even sooner than usual. No one was now watching.

Day Shift 5 has started.

Only players with special characters can interact in their designated threads until 2021-02-22T18:00:00Z


Χαίρε Søtsten.

A most unexpected event occurred during the day, lord Vsotvep was found lifeless and alone in a secluded area of the prison. The mortician came early to anoint his body and return it to his family, may God have mercy on his soul.

Chamber VI has been vacated, and all of his belongings have been passed to his widow.

Long may our Emperor reign, by the Grace of God.

Ioannis Leiros :mermaid::trident:

It didn’t matter what Søtsten might think at this point. The mission was nearly complete. Leiros left the Tower and went down to the agora to investigate. It seems Innocentius III may have his eyes in more than just Jerusalem.

At the end of Day Shift 5, @Vsotvep was found dead .

Day Shift 5 has ended
Players may no longer interact in their designated threads, until the next shift.


Night of February 3rd, 6710 ε.Κ.

Søtsten read the report with clenched teeth. Was he even closer or further away from saving the Emperor? He knew Leiros was involved with this, but he just couldn’t find any clues, that man was tight.

Lord Fiddlehead was getting a taste of prison catering, it seemed. At least the prisoners had caught up that this allergy wasn’t deadly and he didn’t have to face a food riot on top of everything.


Night Shift 6 has started
Players can interact during the night, until Day Shift starts at 2021-02-24T18:00:00Z

@fiddlehead has Emoji Disease and will only be able to post emojis for night phase 6.

Who do you think is an Assassin and should be reported to the Night Warden for execution?


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We… we are still here? El Ka-Oz lets his hands glide over the door in disbelief. Vsotvep died, but we are still here? How is this possible?
Were we all wrong with our logical reasoning? Is there only one assassin, after all?

If so, it must be Fiddlehead, not Clement…


Clement, are you awake? What are your thoughts?

Clement, @claire_yang, if I was wrong and you are indeed innocent, please help us! This is our last chance to get rid of the assassin. If we fail, we will also fail our king and the whole empire.

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OoC @claire_yang @bugcat @fiddlehead we need you to participate before the night ends for the game to continue.


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I’ll have to go to sleep soon, so I won’t wait longer to say this:

Clement, I interpret your hesitation to vote as a sign that you’re indeed innocent. We know now that there can be only one assassin, other than we thought yesterday. And you can’t be it, because if you would be the assassin, Fiddlehead would be innocent and you would happily vote him out to get rid of one more innocent prisoner.

As the situation stands, Marco and I can both be very sure that, if there is only one assassin, it must be Fiddlehead. But I see that you, Clement, can’t have this certainty, especially after you suspected me for the last few nights and you obviously don’t trust me. So I don’t know if there is anything useful I can say to convince you, but I guess I’ll have no other choice as to try it anyway.

First of all, there are a few things we all can be absolutely sure of now:

  1. There is only one assassin.
  2. At no point has a coward been converted. So the assassin that is left now has been an assassin since the beginning.
  3. Hence, Marco/Bugcat is with absolute certainty innocent.

Clement, please allow yourself to think outside the box for a moment. Do you remember how Fiddlehead accused Vsotvep of surely being an assassin, even though there was nothing hinting at that? (And now, after he died, we know for sure that Vsotvep was innocent.) And when he was not successful with that strategy, he gladly joined in with your accusations of me, hoping to get me killed instead of himself.
I know very well that this is far too little to convince you. And no, of course I don’t have any proof. I just hope that you will think about it.

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The more I hear about the analysis, the more I feel I have been lead on though. There is a non-zero chance that the guards have hidden something from us that’s why they are staying so vague, and constant mumbling and smirking toward us, and celebrate the chaos, and prolong our suffering due to the early leave of Haze.

However, their reluctance to give any information, makes me believe the guards are not deliberately manipulated us for their amusement, and there is only one assassin among us and no converted coward, and indeed there is only one assassin left, obviously, it is not bugcat, it will either be you or fiddlehead.

For me, it is a really tricky situation to decide. On one hand, fiddlehead is the only one who stands with me, even though he started to question Vsotvep very early and then bugcat, and then you, and acting more and more irrational, and after Rudy is outed as the assassin, his behavior as a lone assassin could only be said as extremely bold and risky, and extremely unlucky for targeting the innocent that are protected by the smuggler. Although it could be said that after Ruby is out, he literally has no choice but to put up a front and keep the act.

The second option is that you are the assassin. You also start with questioning Vsotvep regarding the validity for the seer to reveal himself early on and if not for Nightstalker’s erratic behavior, it would have put us in a predicament like we are in now. Although, your behavior changed drastically after Ruby is being outed. Targeting me just for not being active enough and follow the crowd, and then pick on fiddlehead and make a pack with bugcat to vote with you. It feels to me if you are an assassin, you are very good at creating divides and pursuing others. And with Vsotvep gone, it is extremely dangerous if you are the assassin. And the fact Vsotvep didn’t vote last night and was killed last night makes me even more uneasy.

Although I have to say if you are an assassin, and we have a hung vote tonight, it would mean tomorrow you cannot kill fiddlehead or bugcat and I would immediately know you are the assassin. So you have to either kill me or bugcat. But if I die, and since bugcat is innocent, and fiddlehead will be able to speak tomorrow, then how would you still convenience bugcat to vote with you? Bugcat would certainly know something is up. Unless you can convenience bugcat that fiddlehead is able to predict bugcat will be suspicious of me dying and use it against you. So the other option is to kill bugcat, and it would lead me to believe that fiddlehead is killing one of the duels vote against him to persuade me, but I would be leaving the same doubt as bugcat, just on the opposite camp.

If fiddlehead is the assassin, it would be game over for the assassin tonight If I vote with you, but if you are the assassin then it is a 50/50 chance for me to die tonight if I vote with fiddlehead.


I voted for Lord Fiddlehead because I’ve suspected him for a long time, as everyone knows.

After the death of Lord Vsotvep by his failure to take action, I lost my appetite for discussion.

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Søtsten was too tired to leave a report.
Leiros was experienced enough, he could hopefully piece a dead body and an empty cell together.
Søtsten left in a hurry, haunted by old demons and new threats.

Night Shift 6 has ended. @fiddlehead received the majority of votes, so he was summarily executed.


Leiros examined the scene. There was no sign of struggle and everything seemed to indicate that Marco ( @bugcat ) had taken his own life. Not unlikely for a coward.

“So, Marco is dead, Lord Fiddlehead was executed. Very odd that he didn’t even leave a report…”

—Guard, where is Commander Søtsten?

—He left the Tower, sir. He did not say where he was going.

Tensions were high. News of incoming Crusaders had finally reached the Tower, and all of these sudden deaths had everyone in disarray.

—Take the keys, you’re in charge now.

—But, sir-

Leiros left in a rush.


Søtsten looks behind him; everyone looks suspicious, but he’s used to that by now.
Probably that’s why the streets are always crowded, everyone is following everyone in the City.
He swiftly turns into the alley, hoping his informer will have something useful this time. He could —


The blade pierced below the scapula directly into Søtsten’s heart.

—I’m sorry, my friend. I warned you not to inquire further.—Leiros said, muffling Søtsten’s scream with his left hand.

The whole scene lasted a few seconds, though it felt like an eternity.

—You can tell the Emperor that it is done—Leiros told the “informer”, handing him over a purse full of gold. Clement (@claire_yang ) should have killed El Ka-Oz (@KAOSkonfused ) by now, and with that obstacle out of the way, the hungry wolf will have no trouble dealing with the wounded lion.

Assassins have won

June 23rd 1203

The boat was almost ashore over the coasts of Anatolia. Leiros looked back into Constantinopoli, where columns of smoke where gathering around its outer walls.

The Poli had withstood many sieges over the last 500 years, none of them successful. Now, everything seemed different. There was no shame for Leiros in abandoning a sinking ship, with his pockets full of money.


The game has now ended.
Thank you everyone for participating. :slight_smile:
One of the moderators can now open the kibitz to the public, so everyone can participate in the discussion.