Werewolf S06: An Emperor in Atari

"I haven’t heard your name, friend; it is my pleasure to meet you, although the circumstances of our encounter are so unpleasant. Are you perhaps a Syrian? I wonder how well the Faith holds in that land, in these dark days.

Forgive me, I am a simple man unaccustomed to the people of the East. It is a joy to converse with a tradesman; you must have many tales to tell. As for myself, I was also a man of business – once, I owned a vineyard in Latium, on the sea-coast south of the Eternal City, Rome. There, the warm sun and cool rain nourished the land, and the earth fed the vines, and their nectar was exquisite; like a modern-day Falernian, it flowed into many a fine country house and pooled, like precious amber, in the chalices of wealthy men’s tables. Likewise, beaten gold sovereigns flowed back to our humble farm.

As for our common captivity, let me say only this: that I was brought low by my love for a woman, the wife of a powerful man, and lost myself in immorality and lust; like Icarus, I flew too high and was consumed in the flames of the sun. I’m sure you know this story.

I am a simple man, I say; I like honest folk, faithful servants, trustworthy partners in business, and good companions to share my evening meal; I’ve no great love for war. The victor must destroy those he has triumphed over – burn their houses, despoil the virtue of their women, kill the citizens or take them as slaves. How can it be right to stain the canvas of the Lord with crimson, and fill his earthly temple with the stink of blood?

I hope only that those who hold power show mercy to those beneath them, and pray that rightful judgement be passed on all men’s souls.

It is good to hear your voice, brother, in this time."

[I was typing this for a while before Gia’s announcement.]


Χαίρε Søtsten.

I have secured a dormitory for our unaccounted guest, and he has now been accommodated for in chamber number VII.

The prisoner formerly occupying those chambers was an aristocrat named Alexios. He has been struck by an unknown malady caused by his festering ocular wounds. He was found delirious, likening his own self to a brassica plant, and was moved to the infirmary.

The nuns attended said wounds with myrrh and other fragrances, but he passed away by dusk, may God Almighty rest his soul. No further inquiry is required.

Long may our Emperor reign, by the Grace of God.

Ioannis Leiros :mermaid::trident:

Ioannis looked at the empty vial in his hand. By good fortune he had arrived on time to pocket the evidence from the scene. Poison is only as discreet as its deliverer.

Easter Egg

Beside his report, Leiros left a little hand drawn sketch in a piece of parchment, in the hopes that it would cheer his old friend up.


At the end of Day Shift 1 @yebellz was found dead.

Day Shift 1 has ended
Players may no longer interact in their designated threads, until the next shift.


Night of January 30th, 6710 ε.Κ.

Søtsten walked briskly into his office, trying to let some of that freeze outside.

Something seemed odd, like someone had messed with his papers. He knew trying to find what happened in that wasp’s nest was useless, but decided to carry the more sensitive papers under his shirt and lock the rest. Not that locks meant much.

Yannis had left him a report*, unusual of him. He read and his forehead was lined with concern. So, it had begun. The wolves were on the hunt. Without thinking much of it, he had omitted informing Yannis of the note, but this mysterious death made that decision conscious.

Those rugged rich would probably know something, he would have to miss not a single whisper these following nights. Given their predilection to surviving, they would probably keep tabs on things themselves.

His first round was usually uneventful, but he heard some weird rasping sounds from @Claire_Yang’ cell. He was grasping his neck, coughing, but otherwise in good shape. Søtsten approached the bars, but kept a safe distance.

-Να πάρει (Na parei/ dang), that merchant had probably mixed some questionable dust in the flour again. Hey prisoner, keep it down. Hang in there, it’s just a sore throat, you’ll be fine for breakfast.

@Claire_Yang would have a sore throat for a few hours, but he would be fine by tomorrow. Not much Søtsten could do, and in any case nobody (including himself) was in that Tower to have a good time.

*and a sketch. Leiros, that βλαξ, more immature than newbie guards.


Night Shift 2 has started
Players can interact during the night, until Day Shift starts at 2021-02-10T18:00:00Z

OoC: @claire_yang has Emoji Disease and will only be able to post emojis for night phase 2.


Who do you think is an Assassin and should be reported to the Night Warden for execution?

Good night, fellow traitors, I can’t see, is everybody still alive and well?

Has anybody found any clues on the assassin yet?

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Well, if yebellz said anything genuinely provocative last night I most certainly missed it. It seems the assassins were operating randomly, and randomness is probably all we’re left with, if we choose to report anyone at all.

Friends, colleagues, feel free to jump in here anytime.


It is sad, yebellz used to be a very dependable and good friend, a keen mind, he would have been an excellent partner in the predicament we currently find ourselves in, were it not that he seemed to have lost his mind.

I see no reason to suspect any of us yet, either.


I agree. Let us not be hasty.


:zzz: :sleeping::sleeping_bed: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :pensive: :zipper_mouth_face:

:pray: :man_white_haired: :angel:
:bowing_woman: :no_good_woman: :skull_and_crossbones:


OOC translation attempt: I was sleeping and I got sick and now I can’t talk. Please save me. Please don’t kill me.

I hope I didn’t fail that.

IC: “Goodnight fellow inmates”, said Zal at last. “Sorry for being a bit shy last night. It isn’t usual to see so many new people at once. Even when I get lucky, it is usually at most two visitors, let alone another prisoner. I unfortunately have not been able to come to any conclusions about these assassins yet. I want to hope they won’t show up tonight, although this may be an empty hope”.



:pray: :man_white_haired:

:thinking::ear: :question::supervillain:



As the sunsets and the whispers start… I gather my blanket around my shoulders and move closer to share thoughts with the condemned.

καλημέρα we live to drink another night air…

I listened to the whispers and screams last night… And a Janus is in our midst. The one who screamed in fear… An actor in truth, wearing a mask of fear! I think he is one with a dagger who but pretends to be afraid and blind… Indeed what Noble man would carry on like that?

We know why we are here and no blind man will become emperor.


I’d just like to point out that it was quite obvious to me from the moment this yebellz opened his mouth that he had lost his mind. The man called himself cauliflower and claimed to be a vassal of all things. Imagine! A mere vassal speaking with a tongue that could just as easily belong to old Isaakios himself!

Now, on to the matter of who did this.

Ruby looks around nervously, out of habit more than anything else. Upon remembering his newfound state of blindness decided to listen for a moment and continue in a quieter voice.

I think the guards might be in on this thing. I overheard them whispering and passing things back and forth when they walked past at shift change. If there’s one thing anyone knows, it’s that a man’s greed often far outweighs his honor. I think a few coins might improve our situation dramatically. If anyone has any relatives or trustworthy friends nearby, perhaps we can get out of this place.

Hears footsteps approaching in the corridor

Cough, Cough. It’s exactly as I was saying Lord @Vsotvep. You wouldn’t possibly have the support to install yourself as emperor! Even in this room you have those whom would conspire against you! That fellow, @fiddlehead I believe it was, even came to accuse you upon first meeting. What are we to make of that?!


"It seemed like the lad’s mind had gone, sure enough. Isn’t it a shame for the body to continue on when the soul has taken flight? I wonder, though what man himself in right mind would dull his blade on a lunatic’s throat?

How many times in our lives do we play an acted part, taking off one costume and putting on another more suited? – the peasant becomes the merchant, the merchant the lord, the lord the king, and then king, in time, the fugitive and exile, and finally a departed spirit, as cold and pure as a spring wind.

What if the youth had only been making a pretence of insanity, taking on the voice of the harmless fool and shielding himself from hostile eyes? Who injures the jester but with japes? It’s no easy thing, though, for a man – no doubt of noble stock and title – to cast off the shackles of Pride, which have grown so familiar to him; only the touch of fear can easily loosen their embrace.

Perhaps the youth you call Cauliflower – though I never heard him utter that name – was the Emperor, and even a drunken tongue couldn’t slow his path to to Peter’s Gate, when the Father called for him. In that case we may at least hope that the bloodshed is at an end; but still, let’s keep our guard, and pray for safe passage for his soul, whether his blood flowed with blue ink or black."


Lord Ruby, you may recall that while I expressed concern about Lord Vsotvep’s politics, I also expressed skepticism regarding the likelihood of him being an assassin. That is still my position.

I think it’s important to remember that these assassins arrived here at the same time as the rest of us. I would imagine that they already knew a little something about their intended victims, and very likely had an idea about the layout of this prison. But they couldn’t possibly have known who would be in what cell, how we would be positioned relative to each other. And they certainly had no more idea than we do about the identity of our supposed seer. They would not have acted according to some predetermined plan. Where deception is concerned it seems highly unlikely that either would have done such a thing without first consulting with their partner. And we know they had no opportunity to consult last night.

For this reason, I’m inclined to believe that neither Lord Vsotvep nor Lord Ruby is an assassin. That being said, I do find Lord Ruby’s response to the accusation from Lord Nightstalker evasive and therefore troubling. It’s understandable that a man under duress may try to forestall a violent death with whatever means are at hand. But there will be consequences, and we’re seeing that now. Accusations are not easily shaken off in these circumstances.


Lord Fiddle I believe you answered your own statement when u mentioned evasion. But please keep your voice down or we may lose more than our eyes…


I beg your pardon, but what are you talking about Lord fiddle? I recall no such accusation nor my response to it. Don’t tell us you’ve succumbed to the madness as well.

In one breath, you both say I am not an assassin and that you find me troubling! I honestly do not know what to think of these words.


I claim no special insight in this affair, but I stand by everything I’ve said so far, and I urge you all to weigh everyone’s words very carefully.