Western Dan Challenge (Kyu player prizes too!) UPDATE: $1550 in prizes now!

Ah well a drop in a thimble is sizeable! As for me personally, I’d say my game count has increased maybe double?


I haven’t checked the numbers, but I guess many of the 200k will be 9x9, while the WDC are all 19x19 if I’m not mistaken.

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@BHydden I think a comparison to a typical week under covid-19 is OK as the challenge is also happening under covid-19.

And thanks for the stats. Very interesting! So WDC = approx a 1% boost to total games, i.e. pretty small. But, as noted by @richyfourtytwo, would be interesting to get the proportion of those 200k games per week that are 19x19, ranked, non-bot games with time >= 1m + 10s x 5 before and during the WDC, i.e. how much of a boost to games of this type has the challenge achieved? In effect, how successful has the challenge been in achieving its goal?

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It’s also the Western Dan Challenge, after all, with the primary purpose of attracting stronger players.

So we should be wondering what the playing increase was of players 5k and stronger


Thanks, @bugcat, you are the first ever to (at least indirectly) call me a dan!

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Every OGS SDK’s a dan somewhere :wink:

(Taiwan, WBaduk, some clubs in Japan…)

Well, perhaps not every on the new ranks. It was probably true of the old ranks, though.

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Worth noting that not all game ids are actual games. Reviews are included in this number, as are cancellations, and many also appear to be dead links upon further investigation so there are probably also other uses. The trend should still be reliable I would imagine but the actual numbers are nothing more than an upper bound.


One could could come up with some silly lower estimates too.

When I look at live games there’s probably like about 100-200 going on most of the time. If on average they took like half an hour

100224*7≈33,600 live games a week.

Adding another 1k a week to that doesn’t seem too bad :slight_smile: (although maybe some are correspondence that are finishing quickly and/or just happen to be finishing within the tournament timeframe).


That is a seriously impressive list!


Woo, I was wondering where the list is. Didn’t realise it was already updated there!

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Oh lol same when was this posted haha

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Hitting my 100th game today!



100 games!! - with 4 hours to spare lol :slight_smile:
(This is GoDave89 btw :smiley: )



And that’s time! The challenge is over. If your game ain’t finished, then it don’t count. How many games did you complete?


1047! (OGS only, 7 on KGS)


~723, ogs only, on 3k+ ^^


Wow! I cannot comprehend how that is even possible. You blow my mind!

Unless anyone has any advance on 1047…?


I also have a big total… Wait for it…

24 OGS + 1 DGS :sunglasses: