Western Dan Challenge (Kyu player prizes too!) UPDATE: $1550 in prizes now!

Are you assuming people have the same username on KGS and OGS, or stick to one server?


Why don’t we offer a bespoke OGS badge to the winner of the OGS portion of the challenge, like how one was given to spicydragon?



Sudden death means only main time with no time that adds or resets when a move is played.

The byo yomi of 10 seconds that resets every turn is considered over time.


You can play on multiple servers, like KGS and OGS, just specify what you usernames are on each and only have 1 for each.

Note: Anoek’s prize is only for OGS accounts.


If I have an account on KGS that is above the minimum for the top bracket bracket specified under the same username, but my account on OGS is below that minimum, yet I will prefer to play games under OGS (cuz my method of accessing KGS is mostly GoUniverse), would I still register under top bracket?


Kudos to trying to incentivize traffic but (IMO) OGS and KGS are missing the mark. It’s not like people are not aware of the servers but KGS is vastly outdated and OGS’s user interface is convoluted. You have ranking systems that not many like, broken SE, etc.

Credit to their teaching tools because they are very good.

But a cash incentive to use these servers for a short time doesn’t translate to increased usage after that. People tried this with other promotions and tournaments in the past on these servers with little gain.

Hope I’m wrong and KGS/OGS get what their looking for this time.


How do I embed the youtube video?

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OGS ranks in a nutshell


I believe that next week or so there will be a big ranking system overhaul that will bring OGS ranks closer to AGA & EGF ranks, and which hopefully should fix some of the main issues people have with it (notably the thing that it’s possible to rank down after a win).

The score estimator is supposed to be rubbish, many people equally complain whenever ideas of making it accurate gain traction. As for the auto-score that we have after passing, the algorithm for that is next on the list after the rank update (I believe KataGo will be assisting in the scoring of games, so that should fix most of the scoring mishaps that are due to the auto-score).

There’s also some tools against AI abuse on the planning for the near future, which will hopefully solve another problem Dan players face: that there seem to be many people abusing AI.

I guess the bottom line is that Anoek listens to the complaints and does his best to fix the issues. :slight_smile:


I’ve fixed it: you can just place the URL to the video on a separate line, the forum software automatically creates an embedded video.


I don’t understand the ogs+kgs combined and the ogs only categories. If the winner is an ogs player, does he get the 2 prizes? If there is no kgs only, why would anyone want to do the challenge on kgs?

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Half answer: you don’t cumulate prizes

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Also it’s not mentioned in the video, you kind of expect having the same chances to get a price regardless of the server (from the message in the video)

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In this case the video was made before all the edits to the post above. I think the video was made with the original idea when there wasn’t supposed to be cash prizes for divisions other than the 3k+ one. More people have sponsored prizes since it was put up.


ok, I just hope there will be an update video :slight_smile:

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You can get both prizes if you are on OGS.

Anoek sponsored OGS players and I am sponsoring all western servers. That is why there are different prizes.


If you improve into another bracket how does that work? (Asking as a 10k who would most likely become SDK if I played this much :slight_smile:)


Also, is there a leaderboard? Will there be a way to track how leading players are doing?


I think I can say something about Fischer time.

First, some estimate about the game time of »1 min, then 3×10 s japanese byoyomi«: player will use on average less than 10 s per move, I’m guessing maybe two thirds, so 6—7 s? At 300 moves, that’s about 33 min, plus the two minutes of main time, so 35 min.

The Fischer time bonus part can be a bit faster due to the much greater flexibility, I’d say 5 s keeps with the spirit. That’s 25 min for 300 moves, which leaves us with 5 min basic time per player.

So, my recommendation minimum would be »Fischer time 5 min basic time plus 5 s per move« (often abbreviated as »Fischer 5/5«).

Technical note: this assumes no cap (“up to…”). If you have a cap, that disturbs the calculation above, the game takes longer (because players are incentivized to play slower when near and above the cap), and the players then also have more to think about the clock. Since OGS sadly refuses to remove the mandatory cap, at least set it to the maximum.