What about a pro-games next move guess game?

I found it really nice the option offered by Smart Go Kifu which allows you to guess the next move in a pro game. I’m sure a lot of you know this feature of the popular mobile app. When you enter your guess, the interface turn in red color the area where you clicked if you are far from the correct move, the red marked positions are obviously wrong answers. Then you have another chance until you reach the area of the board where the pro player actually made his move in the game. If you guess the correct move you pass to the next one. If you are close to the right move, the area where the true move is located turns colored in green. At each attempt, the greened area reduces itself helping you to guess the correct move on the remaining highlighted green points.

I found this game really instructive even if most of the pro moves are difficult to guess for a kyu level like me. What could be interesting is to have such a feature on OGS with some statistical history of the user’s ability to guess the pro-games next move. Like: 3% in one trial, 5% in two attempts, 10% in three attempts… and so on. Historical data should show a trend graph of your ability to guess in 1 (2, 3, …) attempts the pro-games. Theoretically (I’m not sure about this theory :sweat_smile:) you should improve the ability to predict pro next move if you are progressing in your rank too.

I don’t know how difficult it could be to implement this on OGS… but it is just an idea.


The Android app “Go Dojo” by Diana Blaszczyk is a nice example of such an app.
There, colored areas give a hint about the region where the next stone was put.

Check out Neural Net Go Problems for a web application with a similar idea.


You can also use good ol’ ps.waltheri.net for this too.

@bd100 really nice! I didn’t know this. I like a lot. The only difference on SGKifu is that you can progress with the guessing game along the whole game.

@Kaworu_Nagisa. Uau… also this (http://ps.waltheri.net/) is new for me! Really cool!
Uhm… maybe I must update myself a little :joy:

to be fair, while still AMAZING, waltheri (no matter how you spell it :wink:) is a little outdated :frowning: would be awesome if they included some modern sgf


I agree 100%. If I were still studying Go I would be really disappointed I couldn’t use waltheri to study pro games.

Do you happen to know of a good alternative that has the same functionality?

Probably smart go. Think it uses the gogod database which seems to update every so often.

There’s also go4go (website) if you just want access to the games but I’m not sure if it has much position search functionality. Might have to check

I played a little bit with pro games on waltheri. Most recent pro games are dated June 2018.
Apart from this, the guessing game is not exactly as Smart Go Kifu. No area is highlighted when you try to guess the next move. This would be particularly instructive because for a kyu ranked player - just the fact to receive a confirmation on his intuition about the “important” area to play in - is good reinforcement. From there, you can more easily hit the right placement of the stone (actually right for the pro who played the game, not in absolute). Without the area colored feature, you are almost lost crawling around the goban trying to hit the right place and funny turns into annoying.

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I wonder would it be difficult/interesting to have a feature similar to this for spectating live games even, where you try to guess the players next move.

I remember chess(dot)com had a game like this where you could try to guess the next move while spectating a game.


This is another feature that I suppose should work differently from what I proposed initially. In any case it is also very nice to have it.

Actually - during important match or finals reported live on KGS - the most of the observers, while they are waiting for the next move, in the chat try to guess the next move.

It would be funny to have a game with observers guess ranking update in real time.

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I know it would probably warrant a separate post on it’s own, but at the same time, people have asked before if OGS would host a list of pro games. Maybe if a guess next move feature was already implemented at a time where there was a plan to host pro games, they could be incorporated together somehow.

Here was a recent ask

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For whom that don’t know the SmartGo Kifu feature I’m referring to, let me add some screenshot to explain better.

If your guess is far from the actual move made in the game the area is highlighted like this:

If the move you entered is in the target area but you didn’t guess the right place, you’ll obtain something like this:

While you continue and try to guess the exact place, the greened area reduces itself helping you to find the correct answer. See this example on the same game:

For each move the screen maintains marks of attempts already done (in the wrong area and in the right area) with different marks, like this:

After you finally guess the right move, the screen is cleaned and you start from a clean goban for the next move.

It is a really smart and engaging game. Who never experienced should try. If I remember well the app is free (you pay only the go-books converted in its native format for a smart reading with active diagrams).

Hope this clarify what kind of game I’m referring to.


Here’s a related topic, for those interested:


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