What are the rules?

I think people wouldn’t expect beginners following the ‘social conventions’ in go, because it takes a bit of skill to decide when does the game actually end because it might be hard to tell if it’s still possible to make a living in your opponent’s territory/break the wall despite it being enclosed. But you will naturally acquire those skill as you move upward. I noticed some beginner I played with have trouble distinguishing the difference between resign and pass… but I don’t think people will get upset (at least I won’t) if they pass when they shouldn’t or do something silly after the game technically ended, because I’ve been through that and most people learning go on their own has been through that phase.

I think one thing that’s bad about the current system is that everyone is initially placed at 13k, and people have different expectation for a 13k. So if a new player sign up and being matched to a real 13k, then it would cause trouble and misunderstanding.

There’s a post about this: I think the 13k default rank is doing harm