What rating value can be considered the "middle" of the rank?

I’ll take this as the reason why I can’t reach and stay at 1d - the gap is too big from 1kyu :smiley:

I think you can play around with ratings to rank calculations interactively here as well Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS . You don’t have to mess with everything, just play around with the rating box and it should update the rank


I think in lower ranks ~15kyu or so, it looks like it’s about 50 rating points gaps between ranks. Then around 5kyu = 1550 ish it’s starts to become a bit wider, 1620 ~ 4kyu, 1690~3kyu and 1760~2kyu so about 70 rating points gap.

Now 1840~ 1kyu so 80 points gap, and same to 1920 ~ 1dan. For 2dan upward it’s actually like a gap of about 90 up to about 4dan.

Then it’s like 100 points to get to from 4d to 5d at 2290, and similar to about 7dan at 2490, like 110 to get to 8d at 2600 and then I think 120 to 9dan.

So the gaps in rating points do increase as you go up, and there is a slightly larger gap around 1kyu-1dan than in lower ratings gaps say.

I never really payed attention to it before but this seems to make sense.