What time setting counts as blitz/live/correspondence?

Hello, I would like to know the breakpoints to classify a game as blitz/live/correspondence. Is it entirely based on time per move or is there other constrains as well? :smile:

It’s based on the estimated time per move.

Under 12 seconds/move is Blitz
Over about 3 hours/move is Correspondence (I know this is under 4:06/move.)
The rest is Live.

As far as I know, there are no other constraints.


This is whacked. I feel that it should be minutes instead of hours :slight_smile: Even a game with 3 minutes per move is freaking long ass game.

But 3 min. per move is a far cry from correspondence.

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So @anoek told me it’s like this:

  • games under 20s/move are blitz
  • over 3 hours/move are correspondence
  • others are live.

I just accepted a 20s/move game and it was blitz. I think that this should be visible on the challenges site. The challenge is in the middle of the “live” region.

Could it be the number got rounded up? For example it could be 19.9smove and it was rounded up to 20.

If it’s like this then it’s probably in the “to do” list.

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