When a Go player tries Chess

2000 FIDE takes a lot of work, 2000 lichess is much more humble. It’s like 1d EGF vs 1d OGS, if you’re talented you can get it in one or two years. If you aren’t, yeah, you might study you whole life. But if you reached it in one game, clearly you have some talent. Similar to learning languages.

@_zaki according to that theoretical table 4d beating 6d 8.7% and 12k beating 10k 22.3%. It’s not that different.

flovo once tried making experimental table:

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How do you mean:

It’s literally almost three times as likely. That’s quite the staggering difference imho.


Note that ratings numbers are dependable on their player base
i was around 4k in my play group. After Years of absence i am 10k around here and i still believe i did not forget mutch.

Same in chess, My blitz rating in chess.com is 1600 while 1950 in lichess


None is exaggerated in my opinion.
I dunno from go to chess besides that a strong chess player who i teached go told me there is use of intuition in the middle game of chess.

From chess to go, you have to stay focused on the whole image, to read sequences and try to find the best move, to deny your opponent plans at least.

They are different games, sure, but have some similarities in the way you handle them and these are very welcome abilities when i teach go to chess players.