When cheaters try and win by altering the score post game

I just had the most annoying post game scoring in the world. This fellow and I just finished a game and despite my stones being alive they kept trying to trick me into accepting that all my stones were dead so they can claim an easy victory. It took at least 10-15 mins of passing and resuming the game because this player couldn’t accept a loss. Looking through their game history, I saw that they had done the same tactic to some other player and succeeded into having an easy victory. I reported them because nobody should have to go through what I did.

Is there any way to combat this type of post game scoring situation or is the only option to deal with people like this is to sit in an eternal limbo of passing and resuming the game?

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I believe the only thing you can do it use the “call moderator” button and hope one arrives before the game ends. Probably asking in the chatroom could be helpful as well.


Never noticed that button. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the reply.

Yes. Using the ‘Call moderator’ option from inside the game is better than the ‘Report’ option because it automatically provides a link to the game in question for the mod.

If you are feeling patient then await a mod. If you can’t wait or don’t feel inclined to wait, then resign or allow their victory and trust the mods to deal with it later. Note, the best they can do is annull the game but repeat offenders will obviously be dealt with.

[Edit] See also: FAQ


That’s what I call the Yahoo scoring method. Back in the day, some people played Go on games.yahoo.com (now defunct) and iirc, barely anyone played byo yomi. It was mostly sudden death (absolute time). Some people never resigned and instead tried to make their opponents time out (flag) by playing nonsense moves. This is way more common in the chess communities than it is in Go, luckily. It’s one of the reasons I’ve grown so fond of byo yomi.

But anyway. If you MUST win that game, wait for a mod.

If you don’t mind the game being annulled (won’t count as ranked win/loss), resign and report your opponent, providing a link to the game.

If you don’t want to play this account in the future, click on his nickname, click [Block] and check the box that says [Block user from…]. I’m fairly sure it also prevents you from being automatched. It doesn’t prevent you from accepting his game offer in the future though.