Where can I see update news

I am really happy to see that OGS is in continuous development, and that it just got updated with a cool new AI analysis UI.

I wonder what else changed during that update. Is there a blog or something, where we get informed about updates and their contents? If not, what was the current update about?


The update is still ongoing, once all is set and done, we will write a short summary here at the forums :slight_smile: hang on for a bit longer, please.


Ah okay, I didn’t know. Then I’ll look forward to the summary!

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This update is only AI:

There are no update notes in general. Major changes are announced on the forum, but many minor changes/bug fixes are rolled out without notification.
If you are interested in every change, the frontend is open source and the commit history on GitHub should draw a complete, but rather incomprehensible picture of every minor change to the front end.

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