Where to download SGF Go files in bulk?

Hi everyone,

Is there somewhere that I can download a whole bunch (like 1,000 to 100,000) of SGF Go games in bulk?

I can’t seem to find anywhere that will let me do that.


Click here.

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This is great but the resulting extracted sgf file is about 20gb. I was expecting each game to be in a seperate file.

What text program will let me open this huge sgf catalog file?

No idea, but I suppose your last hope is this then: https://senseis.xmp.net/?GoDatabases.

This Python 3 script creates separate sgf files from the LZ archives: https://gitlab.com/snippets/1770132
Example usage from a Python prompt:
from sgf_split import sgf_split
sgf_split("~/Downloads/lz_all.sgf", "~/lz_sgf_files")

EDIT: So I’ve just realized that I used this for much smaller files, so unless you have 20GB of free RAM, this will not work without modifications.

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I don’t think that waltheri allows you to download games in bulk, but you can still dl them by single click of a button

Okay I’ll let you in on a secret.

Click here.


I am more interested in commented, reviewed, analysed Pro games. Better SGFs than videos. Any resources for that?

Commented pro games are most of the cases copyrighted. So you shouldn’t expect to find any big collection in open access.

@violaine no I don’t want large collections, 100 odd may be are good enough to study for one year. Large collections usually remains unused apart from pattern search.

There are a bunch of website with commented games (gogameguru,go4go etc…) That you can download. Ishipress digital collection of 105 goworld is interesting too, you have quite deep comments for many pro games in each one.


Oh, thanks. It would be perfect for me.

Where can I find that? Searching didn’t help much. Still in publication?

Go World issues #1-108 are available as PDF documents from Kiseido Digital through their Go World Archive product.

From Wikipedia

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Try https://github.com/yenw/computer-go-dataset

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Yes, but they are in print form, not SGF I think. I have few of them. Reading those PDFs on mobile devices is a pain.

Section 1.3 of the page Mark links includes two conversion tools for turning these into SGF files :nerd_face:.


Try giving the link below a look. It might be just what you are looking for :wink:. If not, here are some links to SGF collections online. Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for here: U-Go.net Game Records (links to collections) :slightly_smiling_face:.