Whose master games should I study?

@Adam3141 No problemo! :smile:

– Musash1

I understand quite well what you say on chess, and I agree with most of your points. But I don’t want to apply too much chess specific thinking on go. I am currently like a chess beginner who can hardly tell the difference between a Ruy Lopez and a Nimzo-Indian defence. So I only can ask some experienced go players for advice and try to find out, what works for me. This is the same I would do the other way round.

FWIW, Dwyrin described that his approach to getting serious was to routinely memorize masters games. It was at some incredible rate - weekly, or daily I can’t recall.

I believe he said he memorized one daily… He did not recommend it for everyone…

My guess is he did not have a lot of other committments.