Why are old threads not deleted?

When I use Strg+f in a long thread, it takes me to the forum search:
example of a long thread

So each time someone asks something about the rating system, I should just link the relevant thread? All relevant information is there.

Can’t you check a box saying “search this topic”? What if you select that box? Does it still work the same way?

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Why would you treat them any differently? Just out of spite for bumping an old thread, when you do not prefer that?

Regarding the Rengo thread: while it is true that bumping that old thread has not effected any change in the development of the feature, it did elicit some relevant discussion and people further indicated their desire to see this feature with likes. What would the better alternative be? Have a bunch of separate orphaned threads where people periodically ask “how’s rengo coming”?


It’s a follow-up question to something I haven’t read. I don’t care enough to try to understand everything written in an old thread.

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Some threads age like good wine, some become vinegar. :woman_shrugging:t2:


And, with the current system, as we find bottles of vinegar we close them manually. Implementing a “all threads close automatically after x time” function would be akin to destroying every bottle of wine in the cellar, just in case some of them turned to vinegar.


After you opened your bottle of good wine, it turns bad within days. You keep your bottles closed until you want to savour them.

Yeah, maybe that metaphor works best with men, like it was intended by its original creator.

Oh yeah, some men truly are like vinegar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Works with both men and women, IMX :wink:

Also, I love having some good vinegar in my kitchen :slight_smile:
Some of the best I have used were from brewing Kombucha that I allowed to ferment for too long.


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