Why aren't games ready to count showing up as active games?

I just noticed, I had two games ready for count in my game list. I didn’t notice, because they didn’t show up as active games. Instead, I had to go to my own profile page to see them as "yellow"games, ready to confirm the count. IMO, they should appear just like active games to make sure, I don’t miss the count of a finished game.


I’ve noticed this as well. It’s a feature that seems to come and go…

I wonder what is the intended behavior. I could try writing a few tests if the intention is that we notify for these. @Eugene i know you’ve done stuff with the black dot in the past- do you know what the intended behavior is?

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I don’t know from code, but it seems sensible that games ready to count should show, and if you’d asked me I would have said that they do.

I think if they aren’t, it counts as a bug.

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I’ve reported this issue before

and discussed it on the forums here:

It seems that it is on the To Do List


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@Eugene okay thanks for clarifying. Yeah I think there is a bug as I’ve noticed this lately as well.

@yebellz, I think it’s been added (it’s definitely worked this way in the past) but somehow fragile because it’s gone away at least a couple times. In the past, I’ve just assumed the behavior changed due to design decisions, but in this case maybe a bug.

Oh looking at that issue now… so does this need backend support?

Never mind on the tests I guess…

Thought bubble: Does it make a difference if you are the first or second to pass at the end of the game?

In the context of that bug? If you pass second, you have an immediate action item- accepting the dead stones.

That’s true but if you accept the score and then leave, ideally we want the game to rejoin the active cycle if your opponent changes the scoring (distinct from resuming which should do the same ofc).

After running a test on Beta I discovered this: If you leave the game page without accepting the score or if your opponent modifies the score (requiring you to reaccept) then the game correctly displays as active.

However; if you go to the home page and refresh(f5) then the game reliably disappears from the active counter even if it still requires your scoring attention for whatever reason. This is highly likely to affect correspondence games, assuming that closing and reopening the page has the same effect as refreshing.

Before and after refreshing:


Thanks for investigating this. How does the game behave if I accept the scoring but my opponent changes something like marking a stone as dead?

Generally speaking, you need to accept the scoring again if it has been changed.

With regard to the bug that this thread is about; in my brief experiment the site works correctly in this respect and it even causes the activegames counter to reappear if it has previously vanished in error.

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