Yellow on white is an awful color choice for text

Would it be fair game to remove the gradient in an accessibility theme?

I didn’t think the gold was too bad to read in light mode, but I don’t really mind it being darker either. Is there a way for me to replicate the hard to read settings? Would it come across in a screenshot or would it be eye/monitor dependent.

Did you ask/poll people? I could ask in the site supporters chat. There’s no guarantee everyone sees it, I don’t check it very often :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s vision dependent, but a couple ways to “see” the issue. One would be to turn on grayscale to reduce color cues.


Still readable, but much less contrast than blue names.

The other way is just to trust the standards. I personally see this yellow just fine, but if accessibility standards say that the contrast is majorly suboptimal (the ratio is 1.88:1 currently) then I believe something should be done.

Ha! I didn’t even realize this existed. I’m actually putting together a few mock-ups, which we can share. I think the solution is to use a darker yellow on light backgrounds, but keep dark backgrounds the same. (I know that sounds weird, but it’s currently what we do for the blue text as well)

Before we take this chat to the community (and should we really just be including site supporters? They aren’t the only ones looking after all!) I think I’d like to ask @anoek if those changes are even worth pursuing

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That’s a good idea, I found a good way to do it too without an extension (although less convenient)

Just pasting in the appropriate code, with <style> tags.

Yeah I mean the majority of people could also vote in a poll too. On the one hand, sure, the change is to benefit more people than just supporters. On the other hand say one was removing the gold name or replacing it with a badge, the supporters are really the only ones it affects in a personal sense. The average user probably won’t care if people other than them lose some flair right?

I just thought it’d be nice to say “Hey, have any of you any major objections to this?”

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Yeah, if we’re only looking for major objections, then the site supporters are probably the only people who would have complaints.

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Looks like moderators & developers are no longer purple on the game cards, now:

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Argh. Thanks for letting me know. Will try to fix tonight.

I try not to use !important too much, but in this case it was already in there for supporters


Or has it already been fixed? Either that or the specificity is ambiguous…

must be ambiguous then, because it’s still yellow for me


It’s yellow for me on mobile on the player cards in the game, but purple in chat and on the pop up when you click the players names

I think mod purple still exists, but is mistakenly being prioritised under supporter instead of over it.


Ah, so we can now discover which mods are premium :star:


Do you have the full colour priority ranking?

All our mods are premium :heart:

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Yep, and just on the player cards (hopefully). I changed more in there so that we could have different golds on dark and light.

But yeah, any thoughts on desired priority? Currently (previous to this change) it seems to be dictated by the order in Player.styl:

    &.supporter {
        themed-important color supporter
    &.professional {
        themed-important color professional
        themed-important color ambassador
        themed-important color teacher
        themed-important color bot
        themed-important color moderator
    &.aga {
        themed-important color aga-official
        themed-important color admin
    &.guest {
        color: #888;
        cursor: default;
        text-decoration: none;

I’ll try to follow this as a guide unless anyone has better idea on priority.

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supporter = gold
professional = green
bot = grey
moderator = purple
aga = orange

But I don’t know what colour teacher or admin are. I feel like I’ve seen teacher as blue…

Since bot is the only one that can’t overlap with any other position, wouldn’t it make sense to place it either at the start or end to indicate that?

Everybody’s a teacher :slight_smile:


Admin is the same purple as mod, anoek and matburt (the only admins) just have a different icon next to their name (a wrench instead of a hammer)


They seem to be ordered by bottom overrides top, which in that case order should be fine for now. Some of those aren’t used AFAIK but I wouldn’t remove them just in case lol

Thanks for confirming @BHydden!

And as far as the colors go, if you’re curious @bugcat