Yellow on white is an awful color choice for text

I’m a site supporter too :rofl: under my delicious purple outer is a golden centre :wink: I’m darn proud of both

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I think this is a great idea. There are too many special colours anyway and surely everyone loves a badge.


my eyes are relatively fine (nothing that glasses can’t fix), my monitor brightness makes it very difficult to read the current gold. a proper contrast does not belong hidden behind an accessibility setting. if a website requires monitor adjustments to be useable then this is an issue with the website, not the monitor.

most design aspects feel like an early prototype not meant for public distribution, so no. i have not considered that someone might view the current state as sufficient.

OGS design in a nutshell

I actually agree that we should lose the gold… but the way you talk to people makes me want to tell you to just get a better monitor. Jeez


Or just adjust your monitor settings? I’m not sure it’s a brightness thing necessarily is it? I can max out my monitor brightness and still read the gold names fine on white or black background.

It some combination of things/factors surely.

To be honest, one should probably poll the site supporters asking them “Is it ok if we remove your gold name in favor of X; it would help with visibilty issues for some users”. I don’t think that should be unanimously be made for them, since some choose not to disable the gold name even though they could.


Tbh, I wouldn’t expect it to be that popular (I mean look at @BHydden’s attachment to purple!). But a change like this is less for the purpose of popularity, but rather to make the site more usable for everyone (sight-deficiencies, weird monitors, grayscale filter users etc.) This just feels like a thing that people wouldn’t be that excited to lose, but wouldn’t miss too much once it’s gone.

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But I could be wrong! I’m at least one site supporter that feels usability is more important than gold names!

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If you want to suggest how to change it, you’d actually be able to improve the site.

If you’re just here to complain without giving any solutions, I think this thread should be closed instead.


I remarkable lack of insight you’ve fessed up to there - full marks for honesty, if not for perception.

I imagine you will keep doing what you do well - inconsiderate criticism, which is the easy bit - and the rest of us will do what we can to actually make progress.

I can be proud to display that the site I love deems me worthy of contributing as a moderator, and also be proud to support it and want to display that. I could get behind a colour shift if a better one is discovered and the site supporters generally find it agreeable, but I would not at all be in favour of removing the colour completely and I don’t think I’d be alone in that…

As you should be proud! To be clear, I am not arguing that all support/moderatorship should be hidden (no pun intended). I have suggested that it be shown in a different, more accessible way- not with colored names, but with badges. And it’s not because I hate colors… there just don’t seem to be that many colors that meet accessibility standards.

In fact, there is an additional benefit to the badge system which I think you can get behind- you would be able to show both moderatorship and site supporter status! As it stands, I can only see your purple outer shell…


Alright well… I don’t think badges has enough buy-in to work on that (but thanks @teapoweredrobot for the support!)

How do we feel about a darker gold in light mode mode only?

I’m thinking if we at least get to a 3:1 contrast ratio on gray backgrounds, we will get fewer complaints (although it still won’t be WGAC 4.5:1 compliant). Too dark starts to look like mud, but I think this is still a nice gold…

EDIT: #A48200 btw


Just remember that the light mode gold has to appear on black’s black background in the game pane.

Where did we land on (ditching) the gradient? This color contrasts decently with reasonably dark backgrounds:

You have to ask @anoek about that.

I can’t tell if he’d say “if you have an overall proposal that looks better, and I like it, and the community likes it, sure let’s do it” or whether he’d say “please find a way to keep the gradient for now”.

I suspect the former, but the latter is also possible.


Making me think that a more radical reconsideration of the player boxes would be good (overall, recognising the difficulty of gaining buy in for radical changes…)


Would it be fair game to remove the gradient in an accessibility theme?

I didn’t think the gold was too bad to read in light mode, but I don’t really mind it being darker either. Is there a way for me to replicate the hard to read settings? Would it come across in a screenshot or would it be eye/monitor dependent.

Did you ask/poll people? I could ask in the site supporters chat. There’s no guarantee everyone sees it, I don’t check it very often :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s vision dependent, but a couple ways to “see” the issue. One would be to turn on grayscale to reduce color cues.


Still readable, but much less contrast than blue names.

The other way is just to trust the standards. I personally see this yellow just fine, but if accessibility standards say that the contrast is majorly suboptimal (the ratio is 1.88:1 currently) then I believe something should be done.

Ha! I didn’t even realize this existed. I’m actually putting together a few mock-ups, which we can share. I think the solution is to use a darker yellow on light backgrounds, but keep dark backgrounds the same. (I know that sounds weird, but it’s currently what we do for the blue text as well)

Before we take this chat to the community (and should we really just be including site supporters? They aren’t the only ones looking after all!) I think I’d like to ask @anoek if those changes are even worth pursuing

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That’s a good idea, I found a good way to do it too without an extension (although less convenient)

Just pasting in the appropriate code, with <style> tags.

Yeah I mean the majority of people could also vote in a poll too. On the one hand, sure, the change is to benefit more people than just supporters. On the other hand say one was removing the gold name or replacing it with a badge, the supporters are really the only ones it affects in a personal sense. The average user probably won’t care if people other than them lose some flair right?

I just thought it’d be nice to say “Hey, have any of you any major objections to this?”

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Yeah, if we’re only looking for major objections, then the site supporters are probably the only people who would have complaints.

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