0 periods Byo-Yomi

Just came across a little bug (or feature?) in the game request display.

As you can see, games with 0 Byo-Yomi peroids are shown as “nullx”:

The game in question was this one: Дружеский матч


Btw, how does one even create such a game? I tried to reproduce it, and OGS web frontend won’t let me create such a time-setting.

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How that works? Its identical to absolute time or its infinity time? :alien:

Seriously, what is that?

yes, opponent time-outed when main time ended, in ranked game.

Do they hack, or third party OGS client has bug?
Anyway, 0 periods byo yomi should become not possible to create by any way, opponents don’t expect it.


I’ve created an issue for it on GitHub.

If I’ve time I’ll see if I can fix it myself, otherwise hopefully someone else can :slight_smile:

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This phenomenon goes back some time. On December 13, I reported a guy who was playing 5s + null x 1s (i.e., the equivalent of 5 sec absolute time). They were finally banned on Dec 29, but I guess nothing was done about this dodgy time setting.

your post now is clear example of what I told about, btw.
When bug will be fixed, everyone who was banned for using it, should be unbanned in my opinion.


I too have argued in favour of nobody being banned for using settings that the server allows :man_shrugging: we live in a weird world, not everything makes sense I guess.


My guess is that anyone can make failures even in bad attitude and this include mis-using bugs or poor programation. But then there is a first time to warn, explain, ask and there is a second time to take these kind of decisions.

I was initially unable to find this thread, since its title used 0 rather than null.
As I result, I created a different thread, in which someone gave me the link to this thread.
The thread I created was accordingly deleted - as I mostly requested -
so I’m mentioning here that yesterday, I saw a game offer for

9x9 2m+nullx 10s Yes Auto Friendly Match Japanese


Presumably as a result of the now-deleted thread, discussion at

was resumed.

However, the game offer showing
nullx 10s
rather than
0x 10s
makes me wonder if there’s a further issue:

It’s apparently possible to have the “number” of byoyomi periods be null.
Is it also possible to have that value be
negative ​ or ​ infinite ​ or ​ NaN ​ or ​ something else that’s not an integer ​ ​ ?


As it’s said in GitHub, there’s a further issue… the backend should validate and reject these challenges… but it doesn’t.


either that or replace their number of periods with 1


I just saw this again, about 5 minutes ago:

19x19 ​ 1h+nullx 1m ​ No ​ No ​ Friendly Match ​ Japanese

(I also have the player’s name and rank, but I imagine I shouldn’t post that.)

If you want you can report the game and add details on the main site. Or report the player there also.

Or update the issue on GitHub, that could be an option too.

I just tried to recreate the settings on Beta. It wouldn’t let me go below 1 byo-yomi period. Perhaps the user has the setting there from pre-fix and can continue to use it?

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For reporting the game, would that be via the Call moderator option,
or is there something else for such non-urgent situations?

I think it’s probably fine to use that button yes when there’s some potential issue with a game and you want someone to look at it :slight_smile:

One can also make a private thread/pm on the forums and sent it to moderators with @moderators and give details that way either.


I replaced empty line with “2” , pressed create and then got this:


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I unable to create game with more than 0 periods!

update: after some refreshes and change of settings, I finally created with 2 periods

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