-1 ranked games glitch

Ok, so I was composing a topic that I posted -4 hours ago, when I came across this funny glitch. It only seems to be happening on players with numbers around 800,000, but I’m too lazy to check, and there are probably way more

Look at player 799999’s rank graph.
player 799998’s isn’t much better.
Same with player 799995’s and player 799997’s.
799996 has played several games, so idk.
I feel terrible for them, having not only not won any games, but having won negative numbers of ranked games.

Anyway, how does this happen? It doesn’t seem to take effect on those who haven’t played any ranked games, and the -1 ranked game doesn’t affect the rank at all. Is there a fix? It’s quite funny though.


they will become -9k instead of 9d


Everyones profile says -1 ranked games before they’ve played any games but this is really weird.

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Those examples have all graduated to 0 ranked games in the pie chart after playing a ranked game.


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It seems like @Jesorak is having the same issue. Here is his/her profile. It’s the same kind of thing: 6 ranked games, only 5 recorded. The -1 seems exclusively to be -1 wins vs weaker.