100+ unranked win in a row lol

So I played again a guy making custom unranked game offer, with a “3k” rank. Lost pretty bad, but looking at his history… noticed he have now OVER 100 consecutive unranked win. Pretty much always again played again player in the 7-2k range…and only player 5 ranked game ever.

I wish that was an isolated things, but I have seen DOZEN of similar profile, pretty much always 2-3k. They play like 4-5 ranked game and then from that point only ever play unranked and win like 90%+ of the game, if not 99%.

Here I see two possibility, either very very strong player who make false “3k” account for the sake of luring weaker player to play again them inn even game just for the fun of bullying them and getting easy win (seriously, few people take the time to look at player history before accepting a challenge…and most victim there are just honest player who think they will get a fair game)…of this is a player straight up cheating un unranked. And don’t even try to say it’s becasue they “feel pressure played ranked”. Nah, they so this to abuse and bully people avoiding punishments because they is no action taken again them.

Either way, that just extremely poor behavior and I am pretty sure it I am not the only one annoyed by those individual…and there is quite a lot of them in the server.

Now of course mod say than they cannot do anything’s because they cannot take punishments again player who do this kind of things in unranked. But dev do have the power to do somethings. Quite sure it would not be THAT hard to add the option for mod to ban player from paying unranked game if they abuse it (and then, if they try to manipulate ranked, just ban them for real as it’s already done). Or something’s than flag them visually so people can know they have absurd unranked win ratio so they can just avoid accepting their challenge without having to look at their profile to know they are “unranked sandbaggner”.

So please, dev…Do somethings about it. Because it is violation of fairplay even if in unranked, extremely poor behavior and ruin the fun for honest player who just want to have fair and interesting game.

You’ve already said that not long ago


Yes, indeed I did genius… What? Do you think I have memory issue?

Just making the point again becasue it keep getting worst and worst. And last time all that happen is mod saying “but we cannot do anything’s”. So well, trying to get dev to do something’s about it.

I’ll be honest, it would be nice if there was a list. It seems like a good thing to give people the choice to avoid them (if they so like) or purposefully play against them (it seems like a learning opportunity to me).


No but the usual procedure is to continue in the old thread instead of opening another one.


Just “marking” them would already be a nice improvement.

Perhaps playing again stronger player could be seen as a opportunity by some player (trough If I want to be destroyed by stronger opposant I can just go ahead and play AI at this point)…But for lot of player what happen is than they think they get a fair game and just get destroyed… and THEN look at the history and go…oh yea, look at that, 50+ unranked win in a row that is just a sandbagger and/or cheater.

Only adding a system than detect abnormal % ratio in unranked and “flag” the game in advance in the interface so you know what you are dealing with before accepting would already be a huge improvement…A little like KGS give ~ to player with high win ratio could already be a nice things.

There is a reason why I posted this in a different section… addressed at different people with a different purpose offering potential solution/improvement.

Just because two post speak of the same issue don’t mean they have the same purpose. I suspected it would not be hard to understand but apparently this is more challenging of a concept than I trough for some people…oh well…

Better continue in the old thread to avoid repetitions. In many forums, moderators merge threads for that reason.

But maybe you are not used to forums.


No one disputes that this behavior is dishonorable and annoying. But dishonorable and annoying things happen all the time, everywhere. However, that kind of play is insignificant compared to the vast mob of ranked sandbaggers who are invisible to non-moderators, and in some cases even to the mods.

Count your blessings. If you succeed in reducing this guy’s fun, he could just switch to a much less visible, and much, much more damaging form of sandbagging.


The whole point is than is not quite a repetition -_-

Never mind. Maybe I have difficulties following your thoughts in general.

Oh I see, I really like your logic man!

I mean, murder also happen all the time, everywhere in the world. So it probably mean we should remove all law again murder and take no action again murderer becasue you know, it just happen! Perfect! Let also allow stealing because, you know it happen all the time, everywhere!

Oh course man! I see your point there. You are saying than because one problem is bigger than the other problem no action should be taken again the first problem.

I love your confidence in saying than developer are incapable to even possibly take action again two different things at the same time.

Oh! right! Now you are saying we should allow bullying becasue it’s fun for the people who bully other and if we stop them from doing so they might do an other crime instead.

What kind of logic is that?

Sore, there is real sandbagging out there. But at least this sandbagging is being taken action again and poeple are getting banned. Because you see the things with real sandbagger is than there is quite a big limit in how much they can sandbag…They cannot just go 99% win forever and ever… At some point they have to purposely lose game and in the process they will give free ranking to player partially compensating for the one lost by their victim. Still is a problem but at least there is actual measure again it. Now just becasue a other problem than you consider “less damageable” happen does not mean it should be left unchecked…just like we still pushing people for stealing even if there if other worst crime like murder.

Invisible sandbaggers are the best kind of sandbaggers :yum:

You mean the kind than hardly exist :stuck_out_tongue:

Every sandbagger I seen have quite obvious pattern. Like fresh account than somehow very oddly lose game by resining when they are winning and then proceed to get some ridiculous amount of win. But the problem if than if they just keep winning they eventually are not sandbagging anymore because they will rise to their real strength quickly. And if they start doing things like losing 20 game in a row and winning 20 game in a row and losing 20 in a row and so on…yet again very obvious pattern.

I mean, do be truly “invisible” over like years…they would need to almost randomly in a human fashion lose and win game at a around 50% radio in a believable sequence…But then, sandbagging lose all kind of meaning and purpose :stuck_out_tongue:

That possible. I might be clinically insane :stuck_out_tongue:

You may think this is a clever reductio ad absurdum, but it is not. It is a silly, false comparison, because murder and stealing are more than dishonorable and annoying.

No, you do not see the point, as you amply demonstrate. As my second paragraph detailed, taking action in this circumstance would probably lead to a much worse situation.

No, I did not say that at all.

Why do you invent stuff like that? I never said nor implied “because it’s fun for the people who bully…” I know that English isn’t your first language, but maybe you should pause yourself and consider that you may be misunderstanding something because of your deficient English.

It is not a different crime; it is still sandbagging.

Not really. It is clear that you know very little about the sandbagging problem, and this is not the place to educate you about it. Because this sandbagger is doing his sandbagging (in the moral sense) in the open, players can avoid him if they wish and others can play him if they want a much stronger opponent. If you stop him, he will just continue sandbagging in a much more effective and much more damaging way.

BTW: You get no points for sarcasm. If I wanted to be sarcastic, I might ask, why do you want to help this sandbagger become a more effective, more damaging, hidden sandbagger?

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Your response to @benjito’s humorous post reveals how little you know about the nature and scope of sandbagging. I assure you, you do not see 99% of the sandbagging that occurs. No non-mod does or can.

I understand it can be frustrating when others treat you poorly in game, however I’d argue it’s just as wrong outside of the game. I understand that you feel hurt, but you yourself have actually been quite rude and condescending to others in this thread. Being mistreated is not an excuse to mistreat others.


OGS does not have any rules about how much (or how little) players are supposed to play ranked games. Most players do mostly play ranked games, and if they play any games via the automatch, tournaments, or ladders, those games will be automatically ranked.

The thing with those unranked games is that are all custom open challenges, so everyone is able to see the challenge info and can check their profile before accepting the challenge. By looking at their recent game history and that they have only few ranked games under their belt, i think their rank is mostly likely off by multiple stones.

And because the challenge says “no”, in the “ranked” column both on the list of challenges and on the details when acepting the game, others can know that the outcome of that game does not have any kind of affect for anything at all.

The way OGS’s rating system works is actually preventing the moderators to make rank adjustments manually. The only tool we have at our disposal is to annul the ranked games they do have, but that solution doesnt work with players who do not have many ranked games. Its a tool that helps fixing incorrect rank for an user who has a lot of ranked games with wrong results, but here it would just make inaccurate rank even less accurate, and annulling those games which they won would make their rank even lower than it is.

I guess OGS rating system and ranks just doesn’t work with players who only play unranked games. Without playing ranked games its like they are outside the ranks in every meaningful way, and remain so for the forseeable future unless they decide to play ranked games again.

Tho i wonder if “Ranked No” is simply a bad way to indicate that game is unranked.

The list of open challenges keeps jumping up and down in quite fast pace when new challenges are created and accepted by others, so it might be too easy to miss whether game has “No” instead “Yes” on the column, and the details has the word “Ranked” written on it with bold text while “No” (arguably the more important word in this context) is on normal font.

If you’re in a hurry to accept the open challenge before someone else takes it, i can see how it might be quite easy to totally miss the fact that the game will be unranked.

IDK if it would be better to simply put “UNranked” or something like that there instead “Ranked No” on the challenge list and the details

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OGS needs to display [7k] who didn’t play any raked game for a year as [7k?]