1000 of these games!

Ok, you may ask why I’m starting this topic…
Well, I noticed that after the last 2 games, I’ve reached 1000 finished games here on OGS.

I’ve started playing go in early August 2014. It’s wonderful to watch behind and see how much my play has changed (and improved, I hope :smile: ).
And now this is like a “birthday”, for me.
I must have played more or less 1200-1300 in my life. Mostly here, some on IGS, Tygem, or KGS, and some IRL too. But there’s no place like OGS. :relaxed:

I just wanted to thank you all. Developers, mods, but also players and friends (because yeah, I also made new friends while playing here :slight_smile: ).
Some people have left during the last 2 years, some other has come… that’s life.

But I am glad I spent these 2 years with you guys. :sunglasses:

So, happy go-rthday to me! :grin:
And long live go and OGS!


That is inspiring. I started only a couple of months after you and you’ve played six or seven times as much… very awesome. Keep going :slight_smile:


Thank you for being part of the community, happy go-rthday, and cheers :beers: for many more go-rthdays to come! :wink:


Congrats on the milestone, and I wish you luck and enjoyment in your next thousand games.


Today I reached 1000 games milestone too. I hope I’ll get to 2000 games someday.


I will play five hundred games
And I will play five hundred more
To be that man that plays one thousand games
all to rise up to five k!

Sorry. I will leave now …


This like what… 500 some hours? 20 days, 12+ work weeks? Ouch