I kind of like https://www.101weiqi.com/ but it is a bit annoying that there is no English version of the site.

In any case there is a free plug-in for Chrome that translates much: 101weiqiLocalizer - Chrome Web Store

And then there is this video tutorial which also explains the layout and content: Tutorial for 101WeiQi - YouTube

What self-respecting go player doesn’t know a bit of Chinese, a bit of Japanese and a bit of Korean.

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not really needed
real description of puzzles are stones themselves
just do best move

Yes, but you still have to figure out what the various buttons and menus mean…

Did you ever meet a player who has notions in all 3 of them?

I use a general google chrome translator and I can read almost everything on the website. Some buttons are not translated but so far it hasn’t hindered me from using the site.

Also Clossius made a spreadsheet that can help with navigating the problem collections: 101Weiqi Terms - Google Sheets