10k looking for and offering teaching games


I’m a 10kyu player who is looking to improve and break SDK once and for all instead of dancing on the frontier.

So, any help from a stronger player would be greatly appreciated.

In parallel, I also propose my services to the OGS community to teach beginners. Ideally, you are not a complete beginner (let’s say, 16k-22k): you understand what eyes are, what atari means, that you generally start by palying in the corners, etc.

If you are interested, please contact me so we can discuss your expectations before the game.

This would be for correspondance games.

My timezone: Paris.

Languages spoken: English, French

See you soon !


Hi Wayem

I’m 4kyu and happy to try and play a few correspondence games (not rated) to try and help. Obviously I’m only 4kyu so still have a lot to learn myself. Anyway let me know. I have never done this before so not sure how to do reviews etc. during a game but i am sure we’ll figure it out.

Steve (DctrW)

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Hi Wayem,

I don’t know if your post is still current ? I’m a 18k player who is looking for getting better :slight_smile:
I’ve mostly trouble to manage the step between the opening and the middle game but I’ll be glad to receive an ‘evaluation’ of my overall game and guidelines on the apsects I should focus on…

The correspondance format is fine for me and I’m from Toulouse (so french is ok if it suits you).

Thomas (Hamost)

hi, I can help if you want. I’m 1kyu OGS
Je parle un peu de français aussi donc il n’y pas de barrière de langue.

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Hi Wayem
I would like to ask for a teaching 19*19 correspondence game.
I am 13 kyu.
Thank you

Hi, any support available for a 13-15kyu player? much appreciated.