10k Offering teaching game(s) to newbies (15k or weaker)

Hi fellow OGS players. If you fit the description and want a teaching game, send me a message if you see me online: GW71

My style of play puts emphasis on fighting, so if you’re looking for someone to show you opening game stuff, I’m probably NOT the person you should be asking. I don’t think my opening game is very strong at all (if I had to assign myself a rank, I’d say my opening game is around 15k)

As such, 9x9 is probably the best but I don’t mind other sizes either. Both live and correspondence is also fine, but I like using Fischer timing so I’d like to be the one to make the game settings


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Hi, I added you. I hope we can play some games. I’m 20k.

See ya.

I hope to play with you some teaching games. I lack fighting skills. Regarding opening I think I do pretty well. I prefer 19x19 board. I will add you in my list.