10k v 8k attack problems

I just finished this game which I won by time (but should have lost horribly otherwise :frowning:) and would love to get some ideas on how to deal with the following issues I found. And of course, anything else that I would not even know, but did miserably as well.

  • I know that moves 4-8 are fine, but was a bit lost on how to deal with the cut really. I just wanted to try this variation to avoid the micro chinese, but if someone has any ideas/links about the variations that would be awesome. I believe that black got the better end of the deal after 14, but I’m not sure if this is just the price I have to pay.

  • I thought long about how to answer black c6, before I finally decided to kick it, given that I’m save in the upper left corner. My problem with pincer variations was that black would keep access to the center, unless I play a 1-space-low pincer and the following corner variation. But black would just jump straight into the center, which would be what I wanted to avoid. Hence, I settled for the kick in order to have the c8 invasion available later. In retrospect, the preparation move at c12 was probably played way too early, right?

  • The invasion begins at move 40 with white c8 and a huge fight ensued. Black was struggling for life real hard, which means I must have done at least something well. However, I failed to make any profit whatsoever from the exchange. After black makes life in gote with e7 in move 105, I basically got what territory I had before, minus a large reduction at the bottom… not how attacking should be. In addition, black was able to improve his right-side position even further. Did this happen, because I kept pressing the attack beyond a point where it makes sense for me, or how would you suggest to play this part of the game?

I did a quick & dirty review.

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Thanks for your review. You raised some fine points. Especially the aji-keshi in the top right corner is something I’m prone of. I was aware before that I need to watch out for that, but didn’t really understand the aji in that position. That’s probably why I missed it.

Nevertheless, you didn’t really address my questions above. Are they the wrong questions to ask, or are you just leaving them open for others to comment upon?

I made another review: http://online-go.com/review/28293
I tried to answer your questions, and I added some comments on the upper left.

I think you placed too much importance on the invasion at C8, and you fell behind overall because of this. In particular, letting black play first on the upper side was a big mistake IMO.

Feel free to ask if you have further questions!

Thanks a lot. That review did point out the variations I was needing to see and I loved how you state that you would resign in that one variation. I wouldn’t even think about resigning at that point, yet it is excellent for calibrating my positional judgment. And apparently I still have a lot to do in that area as well. Thanks for pointing that out as well.