10k vs 10k review request, large dragon does not die

I played black. White wins by 31.5 points.

Basically I was pretty sure the huge white dragon should die, since it had no eyes (that was my thinking around move 100). So my strategy was to play conservative and let white make lots and lots of points, since he was not defending it’s dragon, and by capturing it all, black would win by a comfortable margin.

In the end, my “killing” sequence ended up not working and white lived, leaving me with a difficult endgame. I was already in my last byo-yomi (30 second) period at move 100, before starting to try to kill, while my opponent had like 13 minutes on his clock (this always happens to me against like 95% of opponents, I just seem not to be able to think faster), so it could somewhat be due to that, although it might just be that my killing hopes were unjustified.

My main question is: “was my reasoning and strategy right, and I just failed to kill the killable dragon, or should I have played differently and not go for the kill?”. For example I could have splitted part of the dragon (move 107), but instead I used that move to try to kill all of it (possibly very poorly), but I could not kill it even so. Looking back, that seems like splitting would have been enough points to win in the end.

Apart from that, I’d be very happy to hear any comments about the whole game, bad moves, mistakes, direction of play, attack, endgame (I don’t get to play yose often, and since when I do I have almost no time in the clock, my endgame generaly boils down to “play any sente move you see, otherwise play the biggest you see, quickly quickly no time no time!”, rarely having the time to think about gote vs reverse-sente considerations), etc.

Thank you very much in advance!!

This is my humble KGS 8k review (Lower rank here since I play when I can’t put fully my attention on the game LOL).

My understanding is that this whole game revolves around the 75 first moves or so. So the review stops about there. (with something around move 107)

To answer your main question : I don’t see an easy way where Black can kill the dragon if White plays good moves. (see move 33) Black should have played on bigger parts of the board, where the big points are. Splitting the Dragon at move 107? I think both part might live, but then again I’m not a Dan player :slight_smile: But, like I said, a big part of the problem arises early in the game, while black tries to save a weak 4 stones group instead of developing elsewhere. And a little joseki mistake white made and black could have used to his advantage.

Appart from that, there are also some good plays from Black. :smile:

I’d be happy to play against you if you’d like.