10k vs 5k game review

Hi, I just lost this game playing black (10k) against white (5k):

I would appreciate any advice or comments by stronger players.

My own thoughts on the game:

Move 16: I expected white to play D6, making it heavy with the D10 stone already atacking it, and then I would play the kick with F4. This F3 move caught me by surprise, I think I did not handle it well: white seems to have a big chunk of the left side after the following moves. Maybe I should just play B5 or D6, aiming to capture the C6 stone and letting white invade the corner?

At least I came out of the sequence that follows with quite some thickness facing the center, so I played move 31 at N4 as a very large extension from my wall, inducing an invasion. The invasion came right away so I attacked the group, which lived, but left me with a tremendous thickness on the right side of the board at move 86. That’s when white closed its shimari facing my strength, a very important move. I wonder if I had the time to play there before, but looking at the previous fight, it doesn’t seem so to me.

My feeling is that I was not able to utilize this thickness enough. White got a pretty big corner and my thickness was only transformed into some territory (quite large, but not enough just by itself judging by the very strong black position).

Thank you!


A few comments: https://online-go.com/review/78190

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Thank you! That’s very useful :slight_smile: