10k vs 8k two stones handicap

Hi I played a game where I tried to play solidely, but I made a few mistakes that cost me eventually the victory:

44: is it too small? Would k17 be better?
64: this cut was not good. Any way I could use utilize those stones later?
88: is it too small?
148: would T6 be better before starting the ko?
208: I should have played B4, for life
212 would A4 be better?

Thanks for any comments!

Very good game. I focused on answering your questions: https://online-go.com/review/255734

Thanks for the review! It helped a lot.

Any general advice to improve my play?

You played such a good game, that it’s really hard to point out anything in particular. “Try not to tenuki 3 times in a row”, probably doesn’t count as advice.

If I was to point out one thing from this game is to keep an eye on potential territory and aji. You allowed your opponent to settle the bottom and right sides to easily (right side almost died later on, but that’s a different story). Don’t play moves that strengthen your opponent’s weak groups. Also when the group is already strong don’t hesitate to trade all the remaining aji for clear profit (you could have secured a huge center using this technique).

You can look into books like ‘Tesuji’ and ‘Attack & Defense’ from elementary go series. They should lead you through the ideas used to build/destroy territory while attacking.