10k vs 9k review request

I would appreciate it a lot if a higher ranked player could give me a review on my last game and give me some suggestions, etc.
Thank you in advance for your time,
Alex Kratz

I’m not of a higher rank (13 to 15K range), but thought to share. Your general approach is fine, but just some notes:

  1. In general, it looks as though you are moving in smaller steps, where perhaps you could make slighty larger ones, but anyway…
  2. Move 40 should have been L4 instead of P6. To explain a bit more, I know that you wanted that smaller group to stay alive & so this is why you selected P6. That said, if you play L4 on move 40, you start to more rapidly encroach into the space black is trying to create.

That’s it for me. Perhaps someday I’ll be good enough to get to your ranking.