10th KidoCup 2018 in Hamburg, Germany

Hello folks,

I’d like to announce the 10th KidoCup taking place from May 19th to 21st 2018 in Hamburg.
We’re happy to welcome Lee Changho 9p as well as several other pros this year.

An important note for every new Go-Player: As long as you have no entry in the European Go Database you will start for free!
We would be happy to welcome you and your friends this year :slight_smile:

We will broadcast the Top8-Group on KGS and OGS as well as live streaming on Twitch1, Twitch2, Twitch3, Twitch4, Twitch-Multistream, YouTube

YouTube Live streaming is not available on our accounts yet - I hope we’ll fix that today.

Accounts on KGS and OGS: KidoCup01-04


(GMT, Hamburg is GMT+2 so please add 2 hours for local time)

Saturday 19th May
      Round 1 - 11:30-14:30
      Round 2 - 15:00-18:00
Sunday 20th May
      Round 3 - 7:30-10:30
      Round 4 - 11:00-14:00
      Round 5 - 14:30-17:30
Monday 21th May
      Round 6 - 7:30-10:30
      Round 7 - 11:00-14:00


Awesome … wish I could attend again—I live merely 60 km away, last time I played there was 2013—but Real Life has me in a strong grip currently, and no end in sight.


Currently we have 1h delay