11k- 12k review request

Hello !

I would appreciate a review, at least for our first moves.

I played with handicap (I’m not used to it :blush: ) and I have a mixed (bad) opinion about my choices.

And what should I play at moves 35 and 55?

Best regards :slight_smile:

I’m not that much stronger than you, so a lot of my evaluation is suspect. That being said, here’s my review:

In general, I think you played well! Even if your opponent had saved the group on the side, you’d have been up by 20+ points. I think your direction of play is pretty solid, and the biggest things to work on are shape and tsumego. There were a few points in the game where your shape seemed somewhat suspect, and where a stronger opponent would have started cutting and killing your groups, and a few points where a tsumego problem sat ignored somewhere on the board.

In this game, the latter didn’t really matter since you were so far ahead, but your side, for example, got invaded and heavily reduced because you had some bad connections in your walls.

Wow. That was a very complete and very informative review, thank you very much!
That was very helpful, specially for move 30-45 and 50-60. I will study all that comments. :slight_smile:

And you’re right about move 43 which seems ugly now you said it.
For the cut at move 20, I think I would play Q12.

Anyway, that was very instructrive ! :slight_smile:

Glad it helped!

And yeah, Q12 is definitely the way to go at move 20 if your opponent cuts. However, if your opponent just extends up after Q12, you’re now pushing them on the 3rd line instead of the 2nd. If you read out the cut and you have to pull back with something like Q12, you’re better off playing R12 instead of the hane.