11k seeking teaching game(s) (only opening!)

Can someone help me with my opening please :smiley:? Just a quick correspondence or live game (maybe 40-60 moves) until the opening is over, and a review afterwards.


@mark5000 played a teaching game (review) with me (thanks a lot mark!).

I’m still hoping to get more teaching games if someone has the time. Many things I’d still like to try. If someone here likes to be really aggressive in the opening, I’d be very grateful to have a teaching game where you’d completely destroy me (Tygem style :slight_smile:).

Mark covered quite a bit, as is expected of the fellow, but back when I wasn’t too shabby at this game I was pretty proud of my openings, so I wouldn’t mind trying to help you out! Just send a non-rated, correspondence request and I’ll be happy to assist.

Teaching a low DDK may help me shake the cobwebs off from my long absence, so we’ll really be helping each other. ^^

@mark5000 - Quick question for you if you have some time.

When I look at the game, R11 seems to be the only move for black on move 7. (I explain my reasoning in this review: https://online-go.com/review/213910) However, in your review, you seem fine with the top left corner approach.

Am I correct in thinking that R11 would be a stronger move there, or am I overvaluing it / failing to consider some other factor?

(Sorry for highjacking your post @rafaelclp :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully it can help us both learn)

Hey @Swabby8. Thanks for the shout out.

Opening questions are perhaps best solved by consulting masters’ games. I checked ps.waltheri.net and found that pros actually played D14 10 times more often than R11 (28 vs. 3).

You mentioned Nick Sibicky in support of your R11, but he also talks in one of his lectures on the opening about a general preference for approaching a corner before extending along a side, and perhaps that explains the D14 move.

At any rate, it may surprise you that neither move was the pros’ first, second, or even third choice. Thing is: we don’t really know what the best opening moves are. What’s common is not necessarily best. When it comes to the opening, I prefer to stay humble about my own knowledge of the game as long as it’s not a clear mistake.

Hey kitten, thanks! I just woke up, when you can play just let me know in private chat.

It’s actually good someone is questioning the moves there and providing variations and other reviews, helps me learn more

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I am up for giving a teaching game, but it will have to be in a few days when my internet is better, I’ll send you a message when it is back if you would like.


Thanks, I’d appreciate that!

Fair enough, thanks @mark5000! :slight_smile:

I use Waltheri to lookup Joseki and other variations from time to time, but I don’t usually check my openings on it. Thanks for the resource idea!

I’ve also seen Nick’s vids on opening theory (Corners > Approach/Enclose > Large Extensions… etc.), but I know that pros disobey these rules from time to time and I thought this might be one of those cases.

It is interesting that the top two pro moves break from traditional opening theory with a large extension on the bottom. I would have thought this seems too concentrated on only one half of the board, but apparently not.

So much to learn… :grin: