11k v 12k review

Hey all, had an interesting, fight oriented game where I managed to get the upper hand on my opponent a number of times, finally ending with a semi-early resignation. However, I was looking at the situation along the bottom and was wondering how much I’d gotten away with - I’ve looked at it, and I think I applied the appropriate amount of aggression for quite a bit, but I think I could’ve also been punished a whole lot more.


If anyone wants to take a look at the opening as well, feel free. The whole thing was a little silly, and I went a little ham on trying to kill everything.

Also, I think I may be bad at linking games… if this doesn’t show up right… someone needs to help me figure this out.


Not true, link works perfecly :slight_smile:

there you go: https://online-go.com/review/348602

hard to review this game, as is the case with most fighting games. my only real complaint :wink: is that throughout the game you didnt seem to have any other objective but to capture your opponent. it did work out mind you, but it is important to have a reason to fight. more often than simply capturing a group, that reason tends to be profit.

also stop and pause to think what else there is to do. recognise when you have sente, and reevaluate whether what you are trying to acomplish is still the most important thing on the board.