12k player offering/looking for correspondence teaching game

Hi everyone,

I am looking for correspondence teaching games and offering some for anyone under 18k. My ranking ATM is 12-13k.

Many thanks!

Hi! I’m not sure if ‘under 18k’ means in numbers or strength, but I’d like to play in any case :slight_smile:
Game link

Hi sure!

I meant under in terms of strength, I do not think I am good enough to teach someone stronger than 18k. Your profile says 20k so that is fine

Would be cool to have a practice game. We just need to think of interesting format for the game.

I’m up for that. What about starting a regular game and you stop me when you spot a bad move or I ask you for advice when I’m confused?

I want to take you up on that offer on the correspondence teaching game (rank 22kyu / 24kyu corres.). Hit me up anytime (Im not sure how to set it up on here)

Ok! Leaving for a long week end right now but I’ll send you a game invite on Tuesday

ok sounds good

A bit late (game finished couple of weeks ago), but here’s my review of Anticycle - GoPirates: https://online-go.com/review/279262

Are you still offering games? If you are, I’m interested! I’m up for coordinating a live game or doing a correspondence game – you can send me a challenge.