12k vs 11k (19x19)

I try to review my own games, and i think it’s good to spot tactical mistakes. However, I’d like to receive some more general feedback on strategy, direction of play, opening and such as I feel I am not improving much in that sense.

Any comment, even very short, is highly appreciated. Love to everyone!

This review is all about the tiger’s mouth shape. I think you should study shapes and learn to recognize vital points in your own shape as well as your opponent’s shape. See http://senseis.xmp.net/?AStaticTreatiseOnShape for a quick overview of basic shapes. I’m certain there’s plenty of info elsewhere, too.

I think your opening and direction of play were fine, actually, except for one joseki mistake. You stumbled tactically, not strategically.


Thank you very much! I’ll look into that.

edit: i just went through the review…probably the best i have ever received :smiley: thank you so much. I really need to think more about my opponent shape. I did think too that i should have won the major fight and the comments on the tiger’s mouth were very helpful.