12kyu looking for a Teacher

Hi everyone,

I am a 12kyu go beginner looking for a teacher.
I started playing go one month ago and I need someone to help me visualized the things I need to put some work on :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your help !


Just to prevent future disappointment, you have finished only a couple of games, it is possible that you are not ranked entirelly correctly. Our system starts all new players at 15k and it may take some time before it gets enough data to estimate strength better. Just do not be discouraged if your rank jumps around a bit before setteling, go is a long journey :).

But to get to the actual point :smiley: if you want we can play a couple of games and I will try to share some of the secrets that others have shared with me before.

Hello Adam,

Yes I learned about the OGS ranking system :wink:
Thanks to nice matching system here, I have 12 match currently active… So I hope to gain a lot from those match and that my rank with stabilize !

I don’t know how much the ranking system is equivalent between KGS vs OGS but in KGS I have already played few games and my rank is switching from 11 to 13k. To give you an idea, as white, I can beat the LibertyBot (15kyu) and the GnuGo2 bot (12kyu), giving them 4 and 3 stones, respectively.