13 Kyu - Peng15 Looking for Teaching Game (19x19)

Hey everyone. I’m looking to get stronger. I have been stuck at 13 Kyu for a while. I’m looking for someone who is online often and would be willing to teach me several 19x19 games. I usually have a very nice sensei teaching me, but he is on vacation (I think). Hopefully at 8 kyu or better. I have beaten 10 kyu and lower before.

I do life and death puzzles when bored. Fran’s Library from 30-90. 1-30 is too easy. I do it by reading it out first before trying.

I play 19x19 only. I understand good shape. I understand joseki and fuseki. I have been experimenting with joseki and fuseki.

Please message me or something.

Thank you!

Fuseki: High Chinese Fuseki, Sanrensei, Kobayashi

Whoa, bold statements :joy:
I myself have just recently scratched SDK for the first time after oscillating between 13k and 11k for about two years, and I must say: I am far from “understanding good shape, Joseki and Fuseki”—all that I can say is that I know they exist and I have just begun trying to integrate into my game what little I believe to have already understood (pls notice the relativization ;-)).

I’d say … do Tsumego whenever you have some free time, as many as you can, repeat, repeat, there are many apps for iOS and Android, or go through 321go.org or goproblems.com. And maybe read a book by Robert Jasiek, I find them quite enlightening, “First Fundamentals” is a good one to begin with (and no, I don’t believe this book is “below" us, don’t be deceived by the title—from the perspective of Dan players we are just primary class).

Good luck!

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sure. We can try 6 handicaps.