13k player looking for a friendly teaching game

Hello there,

I’m looking for someone who would be willing to help me with my go, and point out weaknesses to work on. I guess I feel like I get in the same situations over and over, and I don’t have the right tool to deal with them. Sometimes, it feels like just one right move would have helped the whole board. That’s the kind of moves I’m seeking.
At the moment, I’m starting to try more 3-4 josekis. I guess I need to learn when a situation is okay and I can afford to play somewhere else, and when it’s urgent and I should focus here.

I’m looking for correspondance game, and I’m in Paris’ time zone.
I also speak French, Spanish, German.

I’m also willing to help beginners, just send a message :wink:


I’m in the US so we’d be separated by a ways, but I’d be up for a teaching game (I’m around 5k) though I have not much experience with teaching I would be happy to explain my thoughts behind each move as I play it, and try to explain better options for your moves when I see them. Feel free to challenge me if you like! :slight_smile:
The same for any other higher ddks who would like the same as above, message me before challenging though, in case i have too many games haha :slight_smile:

Similar to the above poster, I am from the States so the time is a bit different but you’re free to send a challenge. I waver between 9 and 6K lately. I enjoy teaching games and will do my best to pinpoint/clarify areas of improvement! “blomqvist” is my username.

I noticed that you are willing to help beginners. I’m a beginner, looking for a teching correspondance game.
Thank you!