13k vs 12k - Review Request


I’m new to these forums, hope this is right place for a review request - https://online-go.com/game/11183722.
I’m playing as White, and felt I played decently but was at a lost at a few major points:

Move 10: wasn’t sure how to deal with B’s bottom. H4 felt like it left weaknesses but I wasn’t sure if I should have attacked at K3 immediately. Besides R10 I was also considering a high approach at K5

Move 16: Was the double approach justified? I felt B’s move 17 was too submissive which allowed me to seal in the outside easily, but if he had come out at O16/P15 I might have had trouble with my top white stone.

Move 30: I realise B’s top left group is strong, so this move didn’t do much. I was scared to continue pushing at E11, as that would give B 4th line territory and weaken my bottom left group, especially if he managed to get C2.

Move 34: Here is where I had no idea how to deal with B’s huge bottom. I’m not familiar with invading large knight move enclosure, so this probe move ended up getting myself sealed in the corner terribly from move 42.
Other moves I thought about:
Shoulder hit at Q7 - That would help B solidify the corner, but would help W expand the center and strengthen R10.
Cap at N5 or C6
Invade at K3 - no idea what sequence would follow from this

Move 54: From this point onwards, the game just felt like a battle over the boundary for the center. Several mistakes from both sides I’m sure, but any further advice please?

Thank you!

here is my review - https://online-go.com/review/290307

you worried about bottom too much. And nice endgame from you :slight_smile:

Thanks, that was really helpful, especially to learn about timing and when to play certain moves.

A general question - I’ve just returned to Go after several years of not playing much, and have started learning by going through Nick Sibicky’s lecture series. Based on this game, do you have any thoughts on particular areas I should concentrate on first? E.g. fighting or shape or invasions/reductions etc?

I quickly checked few of your games and only think that strikes me out is that you sometimes lose the bigger picture, improving counting and reading skills would help too, but cant spot any repeating major flaw in your games.

You can check dwyrin (especially “basics” series) on youtube/twitch - I think his content is better (but less accessible to beginners) compared to Nick. ideal for strong DDKs/SDKs imho.

And congrats on getting 10k!

Thanks for the review. Could you explore a bit more how the top right corner might have died?

Added few variations to move 22 - white cant kill it yet, but its potentially vulnerable. as move 118 - threatens 3-3 with miai to connect either to top or to right.

Btw I am not able to read things like this correctly to the end in live games so take it with grain of salt - they are complicated variations.

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