13k vs 14k review request

Hello, I would appreciate a reveiw of this game, https://online-go.com/game/2822109, I play as white and end up winning by 0.5 points. However, I felt as though I was losing through the entire game. Thanks

Here you Go! https://online-go.com/review/78286

I’m about 9k on KGS. My ranking here is lower because I don’t play often and not seriously enough! :smile:


Thanks, that was helpful, I see that I’m still not carful around cut points and I didn’t use my wall very well.

Yes, and pushing along the 3rd line is good, but not on the fourth. Generally speaking…

Also there is a free e-book that is quite good and hosted by online-go.com : http://cdn.online-go.com/shape_up.pdf


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I went ahead and looked over the first 60-something moves, just because it’s a slow work day. Hope it helped a bit.

Thanks, I’m still getting used to useing walls effectively, so your comments were very useful.