13x13 Komi?

I’ve moved up from 9x9 to 13x13 and I’ve noticed the Komi in these games is only 0.5

Is this standard for 13x13? The post-game AI analysis always seems to start with black having a roughly 5 point advantage so it seems like it would make sense that the komi should be around 5.5 as it is in 9x9.

You are playing handicap games


As far as I know with automatic komi, it will depend on the rank difference.

That is if the players are equally rated one should see something like “normal” Komi is for the ruleset, but if there’s a rank difference between the players there will be reduced komi.

Maybe test a couple of more games with people on the same rank and see if it works?

That’s strange, I’m using the automatic matchmaking and there definitely hasn’t been any handicap stones on the board. Even in games against higher ranked people than me, white only has 0.5 Komi - my opponents as white also seem to be getting one handicap point?

What’s your automatch settings?

Yeah exactly those setting - no preference for all 3 and ±3 opponent rank range for blitz normal and correspondance

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Here’s what I’ve been able to figure out about auto handicap games:

13x13 in particular has an apparent bug that gives 0.5 komi even when the rank difference is zero. You’ll need to play someone with a greater than 3 rank difference to see anything else.

It’s probably better to just leave handicap off.


Maybe try custom games, it gives you more control

Just to clarify a few points: the standard komi for 13x13 on OGS is 5.5. A handicap of 1 means the weaker player gets Black; it does not mean a handicap stone is given. Since there seems to be a bug, I recommend that you play custom games, selecting no handicap and 5.5 komi. If you accept other people’s games, you will need to be on the lookout for game creators who deliberately select lower komi. This happens a lot in 9x9 and 13x13.

it does mean too that Komi is 0.5 or?

I don’t think so, because white is not going first in such a case. The 0.5 komi kicks in when white plays first, i.e., at a handicap of 2. but I could be misremembering, or that may be part of the bug that @Feijoa mnetions.

in handicap games black go first by putting his handicap stones (1 if handicap is one, 2 if 2…) then white play.
in handicap games the Komi is 0.5 (meaning is no komi but white wins if jigo)

just giving black to the weaker is not giving a one stone handicap.

That’s how handicap games usually works, I dunno on OGS if it follows the usual way
(well I guess so unless bug)

from the posts before, it’s normal if you have a handicap of 1 stone to get that Komi of 0.5 for white. it seems you play like without handicap stones but in fact your first move is the handicap stone strict sensu.
Then at same level it seems there is a bug with the Komi not existing on 13x13, another matter

I believe that if the match is set to automatic handicap, the weaker player will always get black, even at handicap zero.

That’s how it works for 19x19 (except when there’s an automatic handicap of zero), but in 13x13 and 9x9 komi follows a strange cycle of values. which I think is an incomplete attempt to use the “Old Japanese Recommendation”.

In 13x13 specifically, there’s that additional bug that means that even when the ranks are really close, you won’t get zero handicap.

If anyone can find examples of games that contradict the tables in that wiki page or can fill in more information, I’d be happy to improve it!

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this can explain some confusion between handicap 0 (= with Komi) and black to the weaker and handicap 1 (=no Komi) and black to the weaker too

yes I do remember that topic now. and I do remember that AI studies were completely negating these tables


The first handicap is the removal of komi.

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