13x13 Review 14k vs bot

I’ve only played 9x9, now trying to step up to 13x13.

I played an unranked 13x13 game against a bot using GnuGo to suggest my moves. The intent was to learn from the game by studying the moves. I posted a review here where I explain what I think is going on with some questions. I’d appreciate if someone were to comment where I’m off base.

Or if you don’t want to read and critique the whole review, these are moves where I post a question I’d appreciate some expert insights:

  • 14
  • 15
  • 17
  • 22
  • 30
  • 35
  • 48
  • 51
  • 58
  • 71
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30 - separating black is pointless because both black groups are strong. Black doesn’t care about being separated here. If white tries to cut it will be 2 strong black groups vs 2 or 3 weak white groups, so white gains nothing by cutting.

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Hello theexternvoid

I did a review and answered your questions included a bit of things as well

I thought the way you did this was awesome. I think its cool the way you wrote your thought process and shared it in your portion of the review. Keep up the hard work!

Also, a lot of your questions were very situational. I mention this in the review above. Please read the ending afterwards. Enjoy~

Sooo you let GnuGo play against a modified GnuGo (Kugutsu). With the intent to learn from the game. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am fairly sure you wasted your time, but… whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I get the complaints against bots if you’re an advanced player. But when a bot is well above your level and the bot constantly defeats you then you can learn from it by understanding why it defeats you.

Miks: Thanks for responding. I appreciate it! Your comments are helpful.

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In order to defeat GnuGo, you have to focus on 2 aspects:

  1. Improve your tsumego skills. GnuGo doesn’t know jack about tsumego so it will tenuki when it should defend its group - or tenuki when it could kill yours. Recognize these moments and exploit them.
  2. Stop playing puppy Go. Take initiative, take it often. GnuGo itself tends to play puppy Go.