13x13 Review (25k vs 16k)

Hi, Iā€™m new to Go. .
Just requesting a review of our game here:

Also, why are my Black stones in the middle not counted as points when they live with several eyes?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

The Black stones in the middle are alive. You should not have accepted this score.

If you would have clicked on them in the stone counting phase, they would have been considered alive. The game result would have been different than. Black would have won is my guess.

In the game chat I will make some remarks on your game.

BTW welcome to OGS hope you enjoy your stay here.


Thanks, Atorrante. Good to know!

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When your opponent marks your live stones dead, or marks their dead stones alive, or wrongly changes the ownership of the territory, you should report them for score cheating. You can do that by clicking on the triangle with the exclamation point in the side panel of the game tab.

I have reported that game for you, and it has been annulled, so the loss does not count against you.