14K - Looking for high level player who can teach me openings

Hi everyone!

I am playing for several months now, I am readying books and studying life and death problems but I still can’t figure out how exactly I should open in various situations.

I will really appreciate if there is someone really strong who can devote half an hour to help me with this.

Thank you very much!

Moshe B.

Check this lecture out.


I like to devote so many games a month to teaching weaker players, so I don’t mind playing a teaching game with you, if you like. Just send an invite for an unrated, correspondence game with whatever settings you prefer.

Sometimes, lessons about good and bad moves in openings stick better when applied practically, I find


Thank you crodgers, I will check it out:)

kitten1- I find it better too - How do I invite you for a game?

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I would recommend replaying pro-games to develop a feeling for opening. Find a player you like and replay them fairly fast, and many many many (thousands) games until you learn common patterns intuitively.

I started doing this now and it helps a little but I am looking for the theory behind the moves, the “why” I would prefer one move over the other.

Since you mention books, there are some books that cover the theory really well. If you haven’t read The Second Book of Go there is an openings chapter plus a series of other fundamental concepts. If that seems a little basic then I can thoroughly recommend Hideo Otake’s Opening Theory Made Easy.

Another thing to do is, having made a move in the opening you weren’t sure about, have a look afterwards and see if you can find it at http://ps.waltheri.net, which has a huge library of searchable professional openings, along with the results (take those results with a grain of salt though - the idea is to look and see if your choice was reasonable, and what other professionals might have done instead).


You can search for a player’s name in the search window on the main OGS site, then click on the name and highlight the “challenge to a game” button.

Thanks! I will check out the books and the site looks nice but there is not much to go on there.

Do you know any 9x9 opening books or articles?

Thanks, I have sent you an invite:)

xhu98 (5d AGA) and I are actually doing a series on 9x9 opening. We’re getting a video out hopefully this weekend about tengen openings. Until then, I recommend checking out my 9x9 Opening Explorer.

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Please post it here when you finish :slight_smile: I will gladly watch it!