14k vs 11k (19x19)

Trying to play for influence to build. But I haven’t much clue what I’m suppose to do, whether its getting my large frames invaded or invading opponent’s as they build. Any reviews would be helpful, I would like to learn how to be less territorial and be better positioned to balance opponent’s influence.

Heads up, sorry for my messy playing. Once I leave basic approaches/enclosures then sides etc., I can get lost quickly. Surprise I didn’t lose by more.

Here you go:

I think you’re too ready to give up important fights. Sometimes you have to fight it out, even when the outcome isn’t what you hoped for. That’s because often the bad-fight outcome is superior to the option to give up! There’s two notable examples of that in this game.

The second and less-important idea is to make useful exchanges. It’s an idea more appropriate to show 10k and up, but there’s really good examples in your game so I pointed them out anyway.

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Thanks for the review.

Yes, I agree. Tend to get conservative when things start to look bad. It affects what I notice and how I play from there. Just need to learn to let it go if something happens, if it does, not to back down too soon.

Hopefully playing less territorial and defensive will help to make useful exchanges. To be willing to go for an exchange that requires being offensive and influential. Better deciding why, where, when, how in order making moves both locally and globally. So I look forward continuing to try different openings/styles.

Yeah, that’s good. And I noticed it too. I mentioned influence a lot in the review and I hope that can help you get started. You don’t have to go full cosmic style to recognize the value of influence. Just consider it valuable and try for it when you feel it’s natural to do that.