14k vs 16k(Bot)

Hey guys! I’m looking for a review preferably from 10kyu and up player. Anyone experienced in playing 19x19 and below that, I would be more then happy to get some tips from them.

This being one of my first few 19x19 games i’ve played, you should expect A LOT of mistakes. I have already noticed some of them myself after looking over the game, On a side note I only won by the half a moku because the bot placed extra stones for no reason (As far as I can tell they did nothing).

Thanks in advance for the review, I’ll be on for an hour longer so if anyone replies by then, awesome! That way I can ask a lot of questions.

Thank you very much for the review Mark!

I only commented the first 100 moves, but I think it’s good enough. I’ve been too busy lately to give go and reviewing much time.