15k looking for a teaching game with someone stronger. I also offer teaching games to lower rank :-)

Hello there :slight_smile: so i’m trying to improve my skills, i’ve been reading books and all that but most of the times i have doubts during the games and would love to someone to help me out! I can play live or correspondence games so you choose.

I also like to play with 20ishk because sometimes the better way to learn is to teach!

Thank you! xoxo

Hello! I started to play go only two weeks ago. I think I quite learn the basics of the game but i’m looking for someone who can teach me the game from the beginning.
Right now I am a 23-24k.
If you agree I would like to play a correspondence game.

Thank you! :smile:

I’ve send you a message!

Hi, i would love a teaching game. I started 2 weeks ago, and am around 20k to 22k.
Thank you!

I’ve send you a message!

hi im looking for teaching games too if you have still time :wink:

Hi there! Sure, just send me a message, my username is the same (i tried to message you but found no one with your username…)