15k vs 14k 19x19

Back to having a losing streak. First in a long time, I’ve been losing one here and there.

Here’s my biggest lost today, please review. Thanks.

I’m particularly interested in what black should do after move 6 (pincer). I also always take the corner when that happens to keep sente so I can try something elsewhere, but I feel like that is not a good enough exchange. Or is it?

i left some comments, but to sum it up: you need to seek more agressive moves, here black player allowed white to get away with murder several times. Always find the most devastating response, and read if it works!

Thanks for the review.

I tend to be hesitant if my opponent plays a unfamiliar move. Never too sure what to do if I continued to get pincered. Except take the corner, then try to reduce outside influence and potential growth. But as you had suggested, I should had played a big move enclosing the corner. Then I can worry about reducing later, as it sets up for another big move atop and prevents an approach to an otherwise unenclosed corner.

Definitely need to learn how to balance what I think is an urgency of bad shape or big move. I do read if there looks to be something. But I probably should do that more often, then reactively playing a gote move that could wait. If I can play elsewhere, it’s help against letting my opponent’s build huge influence. Its a problem I seem to usually have, if I’m too territorial and worried about not getting cut. Which is why I played too close to start reducing early, not thinking enough about the possibilities of either my opponent or me responding after.